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Twilight of the Psychopaths

"Predator Awareness: Life Preserving Cues"

Beware the Psychopath, My Son

Beware the [Political] Psychopath, My Son

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Hillary Clinton: Chinese human rights secondary to economic survival Here and Activists 'shocked' at Clinton stance on China rights (Feb 20) Here

Israel hopes to colonize parts of Iraq as ‘Greater Israel’ Here

Get Them Hooked, Later Booked - Schools Promoting Drugs & Prison Corp. Profits (27.01.2009) Here

GOP Congressman Cantor's Wife's Bank Did Well in the Bailout (Jan. 23, 2009) Here

Martial Law, the Financial Bailout, and War (Jan. 8, 2009) Here

Job strain associated with stroke in Japanese men (Jan. 12, 2009) Here

An unconscionable conscience rule (Dec.26, 2008) Here

The Intriguing Death Of Top GOP Consultant Michael Connell (Dec. 26, 2008) Click Here

$1.6 Billion Went to Bank Execs (Dec 21, 2008) Click Here

Brain Abnormalities That May Play Key Role In ADHD Revealed By Novel Imaging Technique (18 Nov 2008) Click Here

Global warming pre- dictions are over- estimated, suggests study on black carbon. (November 18, 2008) Click Here

Just 3 ‘superbanks’ now dominate industry Click Here

Japanese researchers make brain tissues from stem cells (November 6, 2008) Click Here

No Currency Left to Buy the Big Lies Here

Interview with Dr. Robert D. Hare and Dr. Paul Babiak
These Men Know 'Snakes in Suits': Identifying Psychopathic Fraudsters
Fraud Magazine, July/August 2008, issue Click Here


"Perhaps the Test for Psychopathy should be a prerequisite for anyone seeking public office." Here


More blogs and sites on the subject topic:

Emotional Abuse the Unseen Torment!
Seventeen faces of the psychopath and more.

Women Helping Battered Women
on this site also:
The Power and Control Wheel



It Affects Us All (Det angår oss alla)
Psychopathy/Sociopathy, Malignant Narcissism and Antisocial Personality Disorder
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Absolute power and control over others - core traits of the psychopath

"UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is the action plan implemented worldwide to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy,
all education, all information, and all human beings in the world.
INVENTORY AND CONTROL." Read on and educate yourself . . . Click Here
Behind the Green Mask - Agenda 21
- Rosa Koire Here
The Corbett Report: UN Agenda 21 Exposed with Rosa Koire Click Here

Psychopaths far more common in human population than people believe (April 20, 2014) Here

Behind the Green Mask - Agenda 21 - Rosa Koire Here

Why We Must Oppose Bilderberg (May 30, 2014) Here Corbett Report

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Emotional Abuse Can Beat You Too Click Here

An act? You decide!
Obama ‘heartbroken’ over 276 girls? US heartlessly poverty-kills 20,000 children daily
(May 12,2014) Here
Clinton, Obama, and Boko Haram Yup, we armed them and let them run wild (May 10, 2014) Here

To Ensure the Internet is Open to ALL on an Equal Basis, We must Act Now to Prevent Mega-Corporations from Destroying Internet Freesom (May 6, 2014) Click Here

Ensure The Internet Is Open To All (May 6, 2014) Click Here

"Defense Against the Psychopath"

Defense Against the Psychopath (Full length Version) Click Here

Why the Washington Post’s New Ties to the CIA Are So Ominous (Jan. 13, 2014) Click Here

The psychopath has no empathy and some advice

Please se my latest post at psychopathy101,"Advice and a new study on empathy" Here

"The Moral Order Is Inverted"

Edward Snowden: The Whistleblower Behind the NSA Surveillance Revelations (June 10, 2013) Här
NSA leaker: are there serious cracks in Ed Snowden’s story? (June 10, 2013) Här
The Moral Order Is Inverted (June 11, 2013) Här
The ECB’s Forked-Tongue Policy To Save The Euro (June 10, 2013) Här

Empathy, morality and psychopathic traits in women. By; Ana Seara-Cardoso, Helene Dolberg, Craig Neumann, Jonathan P. Roiser, Essi Viding, Personality and Individual Differences, Volume 55, Issue 3, July 2013, Pages 328-333. Here


Unless you have something to hide, there is no reason for secrecy. Video of interest by Corbett Report, ;
Beyond Bilderberg Här

News of interest

Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s Candid Remarks about the MMR Vaccine (May 18, 2013) VIDEO Here
Week in Review: Psychopathy and the Collapse of the U.S. Empire
(May 12, 2013) Here
Psychopathy, Politics and The New World Order
(May 9, 2013) Here
VIDEO - Psychopathy in Politics and Finance
(May 6, 2013) Here

URGENT! OBAMA Signs Anti-Protest Bill - FREE SPEECH & Protest will get you JAIL TIME! (March 15, 2013) Here

US Suspends Constitution in Permanent World War on Terror (May 17, 2013) Här

Food as a "weapon" against humanity and other living things

One reason behind the increase in weight gain? "Increasing hankerings and padding on pounds aren’t all genetically modified wheat is capable of doing." More info.,
Doctor Says Genetically Modified Wheat a “Perfect, Chronic Poison” Here

Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails - Jeffrey M Smith on GMO's - FULL HD Here

“It’s Food for Today, Hunger and Cancer for Tomorrow” Here

Some synthetic manufacturers of vitamin K use GMOs - beware!

What Is Soy Lecithin And Why Is It In My Chocolate? Here

On Monday May 6th a draconian new law was put before the European Commission, which creates new powers to classify and regulate all plant life anywhere in Europe. Here


Here Is the New Face of TPP and ACTA in the US Here

Off subject but of interest; Organic agriculture ravaged by chemtrails - Monsanto seizes the opportunity, profits and dominates (May 03, 2013) Here

Money, money, money - follow the moneytrail

Is Rare Blood Disorder Caused by HPV Vaccines? (April 28, 2013) Here
Vaccine Exemptions & Registries: A Connection? (March 21, 2013) Here
Vaccine Law Threatens Parental Rights for ‘the Greater Good’ (March 19, 2013) Here
Educate before you "vaccinate"!

Glyphosate: A Trajectory of Human Misery Here

Power and control - core traits of the psychopath

Irrefutable Truth. U.S. Military intentionally poisoning us with Biologicals Here

Add to that, so called "vaccines", GMO, Aspartam, flouride and the list goes on and on and the reason why, well, psychopaths are sadists, the enjoy causing others as much pain and grief as possible, to the point that most of the people who have been targeted thought about committing suicide. Driving a victim to kill themselves is of course the ultimate "powertrip" for the psychopath.

"Bullies may enjoy seeing others in pain: Brain scans show disruption in natural empathetic response" Here
("May" is of course an understatement, that smirk says it all)
Study; Atypical empathic responses in adolescents with aggressive conduct disorder: A functional MRI investigation (2008) Here

Destroying everything in their path is what they do, and enjoy doing, and that is why they belong behind bars, where they can not cause any harm to others. Sitting on powerpositions they of course do the most damage.

How psychopaths in power manipulate abd lie in order to gain more power and control over others

Learn about the U.N's, Agenda 21 and do so before it is too late

Agenda 21 Is Being Rammed Down The Throats Of Local Communities All Over America Here It is not only in the U.S., it is being "being rammed down the throats" it is happening all over Europe as well!
More links on the subject matter;
U.N.s Agenda 21 - Cassanda Andersson Here
Video: The Globalist (NWO) Agenda 21,you better have a listen to the truth, cause it's hard to believe Here
Henry Lamb on agenda 21 Here
IN MEMORIAM - WND columnist Henry Lamb dies at 74 Here Also see Freedom 21 Here

In Lies We Trust Part 1 of 16 Here
All of the episodes found Here

Dr. Oz viciously attacks organic foods and farmers markets, pushes feedlot beef, urges clueless consumers to eat more pesticides and GMO (opinion) Dec. 2012 Here

Biotech lies exposed: Genetically-modified corn contains practically no nutrients but is loaded with chemical poisons (April 10, 2013) Here

Lovefraud upgrade and other news, now also on facebook Here is undergoing a a major upgrade over the weekend but will be up and running again, Monday, March 25.

Film: All Wars Are Bankers Wars Here

Aluminium nanoparticles are a key ingredient among many in chemtrails Here
HAARP frequency in our sky…BUSTED Here (More info. Here)

Monsanto and the FDA: 2 crime families working a trillion-dollar hustle (March 1, 2013) Here
New paper on dsRNA risks - briefing for non-specialists
(22 March 2013) Here

A need to control and harm others - Meet the psychopath

Food - Genetic Roulette, the movie Here

The Psychopath as Self-Proclaimed Maverick: On Losers who View Themselves as Leaders Here

The Psychopathic Influence Here

THE PSYCHOPATH - The Mask of Sanity Here

How can I deal with a person with psychopathic features? Here

Psychopath Symptoms - What To Look Out For! Here

The psychopath takes great pleasure in manipulating and harming others, that we know Here - So, the more you know, the better you can protect yourself!

Madness - Our world and all living things are gradually and willfully being destroyed

What You Need to Know About the Tenth Amendment, The Renewable Insanity of Monsanto, Bill Gates, the Rockefellers and Craig Venter, Scientists Warn Geo-Engineering Can Kill Billions of People and more, Click Here

Obama Revision to FOIA Rules Keeps Evidence of Vaccine Dangers From Public (Dec. 13. 2012) Here

Normal people with a conscience do not harm others - Greedy, braindamaged psychopaths do!

"Micro RNAs pass from the food through digestion into the blood and then attach onto your organs and there it modifies the function and expressions of those organs"
How GMO foods alter organ function and pose a very real health threat to humans (Video) Here

Study, Exogenous plant MIR168a specifically targets mammalian LDLRAP1: evidence of cross-kingdom regulation by microRNA (2012) Here

Also of interest;
Does the Romney Family Now Own Your e-Vote? (19 oct., 2012) Here
Afghan gold being chased by ex-special forces entrepreneurs (16 Oct 2012) Here
Congressman and Chairman of the House’s Homeland Security Committee: Terrorist Threat Worse Now than Before 9/11 Here
lets add to that the following;
'Mass Fatality Planning' in Bill Introduced Into Congress (Oct. 6, 2012) Here
Anyone get the creepy feeling that something is being planned?

Change can happen - Awareness is the key

More and more people are starting to "wake up".

Why Don’t the Corrupt Players On Wall Street and In D.C. Show Remorse for Their Destructive Actions … And Why Don’t We Stop Them? Click Here

The "bully", "bullies" his/her way up the corporate ladder

The fact that the "bully", "bullies" his/her way up the political and corporate ladder is becoming more and more apparent to the gerneral public. The "pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others" is all too apparent. So is also the trail of money, death and destruction. So, how do we get rid of the "bullies" sitting on power positions? Well, expose the "bully" and his/her "bullying tactics" and in the case of a CEO, why not boycott their product/s and or company.

Of interest,
So which companies are paying big bucks to fight GMO labeling? (Aug. 5, 2012) Here

"Correlational analyses demonstrated that psychopathy was most strongly related to bullying"
Relationships between bullying behaviours and the Dark Triad: A study with adults. (Dec. 2011) Click Here

2nd culling?

Are the pensionfunds running low??? CDC wants to go after all baby boomers with vaccines for a phantom virus Här

Time to "wake-up"! Learn about U.N's Agenda 21 Click Here

Studies of interest

Cortical Thinning in Psychopathy. (May 2012) Here
The Antisocial Brain: Psychopathy Matters – a structural MRI investigation of antisocial male violent offenders'
Archives of General Psychiatry
(May 7, 2012) Här Also, Psychopathy linked to specific structural abnormalities in the brain (May 7, 2012) Here
Structural Brain Abnormalities in Psychopaths—a Review
(2008) Here
Differences between psychopathy and other personality disorders: evidence from neuroimaging (2011)HerePsychopaths' Brains Show Differences in Structure and Function (Nov 22, 2011) Here
The psychopath magnetized: insights from brain imaging. Dec. 2011) Click Here and Here

Power and control

Regardless of where the psychopath might be, work, home, in a position of power . . .

“The ultimate form of power and control is to destroy people, and that’s the motivation for their behaviours, and that’s why it’ll never change,”
Dr. Clarke Här

News of interest

GMOs – Label Them Yourself! (March 8, 2012) Here
California Slammed With Fukushima Radiation (March 30, 2012) Here Related; Unbelievable Comment by Mr. Yamashita Here
NSA building massive spy 'data center,' tracking all private communication
(March 29, 2012) Here
Goldman Sachs: Making Money by Stealing It
(March 17, 2012) Here
Denying chemtrails is dangerous for your health
(March 17, 2012) Here
Monsanto’s Roundup is Killing Human Kidney Cells
(March 15, 2012) Here
SaneVax writes open letter to medical journal editor protesting bogus Gardasil study
(March 02, 2012) Here
Bill Gates, Monsanto, and eugenics: How one of the world's wealthiest men is actively promoting a corporate takeover of global agriculture (Feb. 29, 2012) Here
How GMO foods alter organ function and pose a very real health threat to humans (Feb. 3 2012) VIDEO Here
(Aug. 15, 2011) Here
Psychopathic traits and preattentive threat processing in children: a novel test of the fearlessness hypothesis. Sylvers PD, Brennan PA, Lilienfeld SO. Oct. 2011 Here
Is Fear Deficit a Harbinger of Future Psychopaths? (May 19, 2011) Here

New site added

A site in German to help victims who've been targeted by a psychopath,
Erkenne Psychopathie Här


Electronic Frontier Foundation Click Here
SOPA and PIPA bills could threaten natural health websites with government-ordered shutdown

"Personality Faceaurus"

Interesting research by Nicholas S. Holtzman, Ph.D. - for more info please visit my other site, psychopathy101 Here

Antisocial/Psychopathic Personality Disorder

The forthcoming DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) May 2013 is set to include, Antisocial/Psychopathic Personality Disorder. "Individuals who match this personality disorder type are arrogant and self-centered, and feel privileged and entitled.  They have a grandiose, exaggerated sense of self-importance and they are primarily motivated by self-serving goals.  They seek power over others and will manipulate, exploit, deceive, con, or otherwise take advantage of others, in order to inflict harm or to achieve their goals.  They are callous and have little empathy for others’ needs or feelings unless they coincide with their own.  They show disregard for the rights, property, or safety of others and experience little or no remorse or guilt if they cause any harm or injury to others.  They may act aggressively or sadistically toward others in pursuit of their personal agendas and appear to derive pleasure or satisfaction from humiliating, demeaning dominating, or hurting others.  They also have the capacity for superficial charm and ingratiation when it suits their purposes.  They profess and demonstrate minimal investment in conventional moral principles and they tend to disavow responsibility for their actions and to blame others for their own failures and shortcomings." More info, Click Here

So how many "politicians" do you know that fit this description? Now you might better understand why things are the way they are, the global warming scam, the economic collaps taking place, dangerous "vaccins", chemtrails, GMO, body scanners at airports, endless wars and so on. With "bullies" in power, "bullying" and family violence will also continue to plauge humanity.

Scientist deliberately 'militarizes' flu strain in deadly bioterrorism experiment (Nov. 23, 2011) Here To listen to the NPR broadcast click Here
Yes, Americans Will Be Targeted As Terrorists Under the NDAA (Nov. 28, 2011) Here and Senate Bill 1867: U.S. Military Would Be Able to Indefinitely Detain American Civilians Without Charge or Trial Anywhere in the World Here
Climategate scientists DID collude with government officials to hide research that didn't fit their apocalyptic global warming (Nov. 28, 2011) Here
EU demands right to dictate national budgets Here
Dirty Deeds: Putin’s Bid for Kremlin Sealed Through Tricks And Threats (Nov. 28, 2011) Here
Added to our drinking water: A chemical 'more toxic than lead'? (Nov. 22, 2011) Here
Homeland Security-linked CELL Terrorizes Americans (Nov. 23, 2011) Here
VIDEO: Geoengineering: Destroying the Atmosphere - Rosalind Peterson (Oct. 23, 2011) Here

Have you been "lovebombed"?

A very informative post by Claudia Moscovici, psychopathyawareness - The Psychopath’s Hook: Love Bombing, Sex and Flattery Here

Manipulate and deceive - tricks of the trade - How the psychopathic mind works
Why critical thinking is of utmost importance!

Robin Hood Tax: Occupy Movement now marching straight into the globalist trap (October 25, 2011) Here
"In reality, a Robin Hood Tax does just the opposite of what its name represents."

How can you win? More on relational violence

How can you win after the psychopathic bond? Here

In the news: Clinton Laughs About Murder of Gaddafi (Oct. 21, 2011) Here

“Another sign is someone who is amused by cruelty. If they laugh at others’ suffering — not a nervous laugh, but genuine laughter at someone’s pain,” that’s a sign that you’ve got a psychopath on your hands, Turvey says." (forensic scientist and criminal profiler) Here

"Those psychopaths have a distinct a tendency toward sadism and derive perverse gratification from humiliating and/or psychologically and sometimes physically harming others." Here
(Oct. 22, 2011)

New Book

Claudia Moscovici's book, Dangerous Liaisons: How to Identify and Escape from Psychopathic Seduction is now available online, for more information, Click Here
(Oct. 12, 2011)

WARNING! - More on so called "vaccines"

Gardasil: Injection of Death (Sept. 24, 2011) Here
Gardasil HPV vaccines found contaminated with recombinant DNA that persists in human blood
(Sept. 16, 2011) Here
Merck vaccine scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman admitted presence of SV40, AIDS and cancer viruses in vaccines (Sept. 15, 2011) Here
Exclusive: Forced Injection of Children Without Parents Consent – Dr. Andrew Wakefield (Sept.17, 2011) Here 3 Girls Dead, Others Hospitalized After Gardasil HPV Vaccine (Sept.13, 2011) Here
Also of interest; Rick Perry got at least $30,000 in contributions from maker of HPV vaccine: report (Sept. 13 2011) Here

“This Is The Greatest Financial Crime In The History Of The World And No One Senior, At Any Of The Major Places That Drove The Crisis, Has Gone To Jail”
(Sep 17, 2011) Here
Michael J. Murphy and team writing Maui Ordinance to ban chemtrail / geoengieeering programs
(Sept. 16, 2011) Here
Middle Class Death Watch: As Poverty Spreads, 28% of Americans Who Were Part of the Middle Class Have Fallen Out of It
(Sept. 15th, 2011) Here
The Money Behind Super Congress‏ (September 13, 2011) Here
GE Decides to Dump Offshore Wind-Power Plans Despite Collecting Millions in Stimulus Funds for Wind Projects (Sep 10, 2011) Here
Osborne warns leaders 'time is running out' to sort Eurozone crisis as he flies to Poland for crunch summit
Blackout: CNN, Fox, and MSNBC Ignore Thousands Of US Day Of Rage Protesters


Excellent post by Claudia Moscovici, Red Flags: How to Identify a Psychopathic Bond Here

Psychopaths, are among other things, also emotionally immature and greedy fraudsters, more ex.,
Aliens may destroy humanity to protect other civilisations, say scientists (18 August, 2011) Here
Pay Your Carbon Taxes To Al Gore Or Space Aliens Will Attack (August 19, 2011) Here
Insane! Report For NASA Claims Aliens May Attack Earth If We Do Not Stop Global Warming (Aug. 19, 2011) Here

Research of interest;
Cortex and amygdala morphology in psychopathy Here
White matter microstructural abnormalities in the frontal lobe of adults with antisocial personality disorder
. Here A great write-up on the study by swivelchair, Psychopath white matter: Abnormal mostly on the right hand side (July 25, 2011) Here

Bullying in the family

Bullying in the family - Dealing with a serial bully, psychopath or sociopath in the family Here
This also affects families whos daughter/son is in the grip of a psychopath, related posts;
Can victims become like the psychopath? Here
Sadism and warped empathy in sociopaths Here
Interesting sociopath article Here

This Is What A Collapsing Ponzi Scheme Looks Like: Housing Market Headed Off A Cliff As A Shocking 10.8 Million Mortgages At Risk Of Default (July 27, 2011) Here
Who Are The Bankers That Benefit From The Norway Terror Attacks? (July 26, 2011) Here
Street View cars grabbed locations of phones, PCs (July 25, 2011) Here
46% of Voters Think Most in Congress Are Corrupt Here
Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Maize Fields
(July 22, 2011) Here
Hay Now — It’s Boycott Time: Land O’Lakes, This Means You! Here

Of interest

The Greatest Hoax Here via Here

Are psychopaths sadists?

Considering the damage psychopaths inflict on others, one may ask, are psychopaths sadists? The answer to that question is, they most certainly are, they actually enjoy inflicting all kinds of pain on others. For more reading on this topic, please go to my site in English, psychopathy101 Here

The more you know, the better you can protect yourself and others

Intersting articles and posts regarding psychopaths/sociopaths
The first one, written by Kenneth Royce Here
Here a post by Claudia Moscovici's inlägg, How to Recognize Emotional Abuse Here
The Personality Profile of an Abuser
(2009) Here
Emotional Abuse Is Psychological Abuse Here
By Dr. Leedom, Can victims become like the psychopath? Here and Coercive persuasion, mind control and brain washing, från 2007. Here
Eight Ways to Spot Emotional Manipulation
mer info; Here

To be noted - New reserach has been added, se links at the top of the page, Research 2011
Some financial information of interest, The Four Horsemen of Banking (May 25, 2011) Here

Abuse which affects us all

Pregnant Teacher Harassed By TSA On Easter Sunday Tells Her Story Here
GMOs Linked to Organ Disruption in 19 Studies (April 11th, 2011) Here More GMO info.; Here and Here
Genetic Engineering: Scientists warn of link between dangerous new pathogen and Monsanto’s Roundup Here
"Imaginary Panic": The H1N1 Pandemic was a Multibillion Dollar Fraud....
(March 12, 2011) Here
Confirmed: H1N1 Vaccine Linked to Narcolepsy Here
Playing the Global Warming Card (Feb. 11, 2011) Here

Absolute power and control over others, a sign that you are dealing with a psychopath - Tell tale signs of emotional abuse and help to break free. (for women and men)

10 signs of emotional abuse (Video) Here
Gaslighting Here
When You Love Your Abuser: Stockholm Syndrome and Trauma Bonds (15 mars, 2011) Here
Abusive Brainwashing Techniques Here
Dealing With Manipulative People Here
Getting Over the Psychopath: Cultivating Indifference (Feb 9, 2011) Here
Dr. Simon's, ‘Series On Aggressive Personalities’ at Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life Here
Aftermath: Surviving Psychopathy Here
Women Who Love Psychopaths, e-book Here (Do believe the authors are working on a book for men as well)

Psychopathy affect us all, Tyranny at the Hand of Psychopaths (Jan 25, 2011) Here

Quick post - Worth noting

TSA Records: Some Scanners Emit Ten Times Expected Radiation (March 14 2011) Here
TSA to retest airport body scanners for radiation dangers (March 12, 2011) Here
Group says body scanners an ‘unreasonable search’ (March 10, 2011) Here
MONSANTO SCUM wavering GMO liability to Farmers - FoodWars 03 - WakeTF-Up - StarveTheSystem! Here
(March 17, 2011)

Big "bullies" in action

Global Economy? 23 Facts Which Prove That Globalism Is Pushing The Standard Of Living Of The Middle Class Down To Third World Levels (March 1, 2011) Here
The mercury poisoning of our bodies and planet
(March 01, 2011) Here
New mini documentary exposes the truth about fluoride: Industrial waste chemicals passed off as medicine
(March 01, 2011) Here
The Wall Street Crime Syndrome: Ten Reasons Why the Banksters "Get Away With It"
(February 28, 2011) Here
Cloned milk, meat may soon hit UK store shelves
(February 28, 2011) Here
Roundup, GMOs linked to emergence of deadly new pathogen causing spontaneous abortions among animals
(February 23, 2011) Here
Turning cervical cancer into an infectious disease
(February 22, 2011) Here
U.S. Geo-Engineering Budget Exceeds Billions (More Proof of Spraying Program)
February 20, 2010 Here
Agenda 21 Part II: Globalist Totalitarian Dictatorship Invading a Town near You–With Your Permission Here

Standing up to the "bullies", setting limits to the abuse;
Bill Would Make Some Airport Screening Sexual Assault
(March 1, 2011) Here
The Last Word on Terrorism: Kissinger and the Globalist Agenda
(Feb 23 2011) Here

Researchers Explore the Brain for Clues to the Causes of Anti-Social Behavior (25 February 2011) Here

(March 3, 2011)

Educating - In hope to prevent dangerous relationships

Donna from Love Fraud writes, "Ever since Lovefraud launched in 2005, my goal has been to educate people about the dangers of sociopaths—preferably before their lives are shredded." Continue reading Here where you will also find the link to their survey. Learning the "red flags" are essential but sadly not always enough as they like any "cult leader" is quick to spot someone who for.ex., have just left a bad relationship and thus is vulnerable to the psychopaths "charm". Beware of a potential partner who asks a lot of questions about you and your family early on in the relationship. The information is later used to manipulate the you, many do not realised what is happening until they are in the grip of the psychopath at which time damage to themselves and their family is inevitable. To separate the person from his/her family is of course the ultimate goal of the psychopath who is bent on dominating his/her partner. Power and control over others - core traits of the psychopath!

The psychopath can be compared to a cult leader. manipulation, mindgames etc.,
Psychopathy and the Characteristics of a Cult Leader Click Here
(Feb 19 2011)

News of interest - Connecting the dots. . .

FEMA Requests Millions of Rations For 'Catastrophic Disaster In New Madrid Fault System' (Feb 6 2011) Here
Obama Launches Total Takeover of Media System (February 8, 2011) Here
FCC: Presidential Emergency Alerts to be Tested (February 8, 2011) Here
UPDATE: Bio Warfare Expert John Wheeler died of ‘blunt force trauma’ (January 30, 2011) Here
Big Sis Breaks Out “Heightened” Terror Alert as PATRIOT Act Heads to House (Feb 10 2011) Here
Let's not forget;
Is FEMA & DHS preparing for mass graves and martial law near Chicago? (February 13, 2009) Here
Plastic coffin liners being delivered by the truckloads (April 1, 2009) Here
Fema Coffins found at Phoenix National Memorial Here
and keep in mind . . .
Global Governance and the Future of the United . . . Here (Agenda 21)
George Bush New World Order (Video) Here
which leads us to . . .
Agenda 21: Reduction Of The World’s Population By 80 to 90 Percent (August 22, 2010) Here
Agenda 21 Conspiracy: Reduce The Population 85% (Aug. 7, 2010) Here
Vaccinations - Not safe or effective - Part 1 Here (Part 1-6 and more info.)
CF light bulbs a serious health hazard to women and children due to mercury content
(Feb. 10, 2011) Here
White House to Cut Energy Assistance for the Poor
(Feb 10 2011) Here
USDA Allows GMO Sugar Beet Planting Even After a Landmark Court Decision Says No
(Feb 7, 2011) Here
The Seedier Side of Alfalfa Contamination (February 8, 2011) Here
Epic Fail: Global Warming Solutions (February 8, 2011) Here
Passengers: Feds Orchestrated “Underwear Bomber” Plot to Advance War on Terror (Feb 2,2011) Here
Geoengineering: Climate Ghouls' 'Plan B' (December 4, 2010) Here
Derivatives: The Real Reason Bernanke Funnels Trillions Into Wall Street Banks (Feb. 8 2011) Here
9% Unemployment Rate is a Statistical Lie (7 February 2011) Here
Shadow Stats
Here (site of interest)
London Stock Exchange To Buy Toronto Stock Exchange
(February 9, 2011) Here
WRAPUP 11-D.Boerse, NYSE in talks as merger frenzy grips
(Feb. 10 2011) Here
Obama Energy Secretary Promises “Massive” Coal Plant Closures

Finally; Hydrogen Cyanide - Not (Jan, 14, 2011) Here
Google Offers Two-Factor Authentication (Feb 10 2011) Here

And the war continues in Afghanistan. . .

Year in review - Psychopathy research

Some 'highlights' concerning research 2010 can be found at my other site Here
also of interest; Autism's moral judgment gap explored Here

Round-up news

REFILE-Finnish study links GSK flu shot to narcolepsy Here (More info, see Vaccines Here)
Related; The Goal of Every H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine: Immunotoxicity, Neurotoxicity and Sterility Here
Presenting The US State Department Propaganda Filter (Jan 20, 2011) Video Here
The Road to Madness is Paved with $100 Bills (Jan 31, 2011) Here
Bolton: Mubarak’s Downfall Would Mean We Need To Bomb Iran Sooner Here (the comments are priceless!)
Is the end nigh for Mubarak? Hundreds of thousands join 'million-strong' march as Arabic TV reports President to resign at election (Feb. 1, 2011) Here
Afghan elite 'plundered $900m' from leading bank Here Anyone surprised? Nah, didn't think so
Fox News: Underwear Bomber was Inside Job Here Gee, nobody would have guessed that would they? LOL So, will that be the end of "unsafe xray porno scans”, “gate rape” and "grope sessions"? Probably not as it all has to do with absolute power and control over others which by the way, are core traits of the psychopath. And as most everyone knows, there are no limits when it comes to the psychopath, more power, more control, more money, more . . . TSA Gropes, Porno-Scans to Arrive in Malls, Hotels, Surface Transportation Here
David Icke - Police State US (Wake Up America) Here
Rumsfeld to receive ‘Defender of the Constitution Award’ at CPAC (January 31st, 2011) Here Imagine that!
The Egypt Crisis, the IMF and the “New Middle East” Here

Who are the real "cyberterrorists"?

Stuxnet Computer Worm A US-Israel Project To Sabotage Iran's Nuclear Program (Jan 16 2011) Här
Confirmed: Stuxnet Was False Flag Launched by Israel and U.S. (Jan 16 2011) Här
Israel tested Stuxnet on Iran, with US help (Jan 16 2011) Här
With Stuxnet, Did The U.S. And Israel Create a New Cyberwar Era? Här
Stuxnet-like viruses to be released more broadly in 2011 (Dec 29, 2010) Här
'First cyber superweapon' wreaks havoc on computers in China
(Oct 1, 2010) Här

Also of interest;
Rosalind Peterson: The Chemtrail Cover-Up Here
Could Britain be heading for a crash? Here
From NAFTA to CETA: Canada-EU Deep Economic Integration Here

"Politics", a game "politicians" play, a "game" in which they pit people against each other in order to create chaos and thus be able to continue to live off other people (parasitic lifestyle - Here)

Absolute power and control over others - Meet the psychopath

Govt 'creating vast domestic snooping machine' (Dec 20, 2010) Here
Barack Obama And The United Nations Will Be Watching The Internet For You Here
Wikileaks: a Big Dangerous US Government Con Job
The People Behind Wikileaks (Dec. 20, 2010) Here
Feds order farmer to destroy his own wheat crops: The shocking revelations of Wickard vs Filburn
(Dec 21, 2010) Here
S 510 Fake Food Safety bill passed by Senate in late-night sneak attack on small farmers and food freedom (December 20, 2010) Here
VIDEO: Fake Terror And The War For Your Mind Video (Dec 21, 2010) Here
Manufactured Fear - 15 minutes that will change your life Here
Ted and the CIA, Part 1
(Dec 19, 2010) Here
Probable Carcinogen Hexavalent Chromium Found in Drinking Water of 31 U.S. Cities (Dec 20, 2010) Here
White House Gives Go-ahead For Elitists to Control DNA (December 20, 2010) Here
* Many of the older posts have now been moved to previous posts, se above

Psychopaths Always Leave a Trail of Destruction . . .

Sunscreen chemicals absorbed into body, found in 85 percent of human milk samples
(Dec 14, 2010) Here
Failing to Prosecute Wall Street Fraud Is Extending Our Economic Problems
(December 13, 2010) Here
Water, Meet Blood - JP Morgan Admits To, Reduces Massive Silver Short Position, Proves Millions Of Conspiracy Theorists Correct
(Dec 13 2010) Here
Derivatives: The Quadrillion Dollar Financial Casino Completely Dominated By The Big International Banks
(Dec 13, 2010) Here
Myths and Facts: Study Verifies That There Is No Value In Any Flu Vaccine
(December 10, 2010) Here
Cap and Trade by Stealth: U.S. States Partner With Foreign Governments (Dec 10 2010) Here
GMO oranges, China, and the loss of another piece of America’s agricultural base
(Dec 9 2010) Here
Inside TSA scanners: How terahertz waves tear apart human DNA Here
GMO oranges, China, and the loss of another piece of America’s agricultural base
(Dec 9 2010) Här
80-square mile kill zone Gulf of Mexico – “It looks like everything’s dead”
(Dec 6 2010) Här
Geoengineering: Climate Ghouls' 'Plan B' (December 4, 2010) Here
Brussels says first ever citizens' petition does not count (30 nov 2010) Here
Brussels moves against herbalists (Nov 28 2010) Here
Also of interest;
Babies know the difference between good and evil at six months, study reveals (May 2010) Here

Setting limits - putting a stop to the abuse

Enough Is Enough! (Video) Here
(US) Protect Children from Brain Injury - Act Before December 3rd Here
(Nov. 30, 2010)

"Caught between a rock and a hard place"

Body scans literally "scream" psychopathy. First create a situation (set up the "evil play"), Clueless Patsy Set-up by FBI in Christmas Tree Bombing Plot Here also Here (Create chaos by for.ex., frightening people) Then, "offer a solution", enter the body scans (someone will of course profit financially). Place the "target" in a position where he/she will be "damned if you do and damned if you don't", a choice between, radiation damage or perhaps catching a communicable disease while being "searched" (se post below) OR if people do not "participate in the "sadistic game" by refusing to fly, put the airlines out of business, needless to go into the consequences of that. The same type of "scenario" can be noted in "bullying" and for.ex., domestic violence with a number of variations.

However, once you know what you are dealing with you can also put a stop to the abuse. Raising awareness about psychopathy and refusing to participate in the "sadistic games" these individuals always play with other people's lives, everything from "bullying to, wars, "vaccines", GMO's, taxes to chemtrails. The list can of course be made longer but it always involves damaging (emotionally, physically economically etc) and/or killing others. Bullies may enjoy seeing others in pain: Brain scans show disruption in natural empathetic response. (2008) Here ("may" is an understatement)
In other words we are dealing with individuals sitting on powerpositions whose brains do not function as they should and thus they create enormous problems which affect just about everyone on this planet.
Related; Alex Jones Show: Judge Napolitano On TSA Storm Trooper Behavior Here
Under The Radar Media - Twilight and the trick of the psychopaths Here
NEW - Submit meekly to TSA, then mob the nearest store – brainwashing at its finest (Nov 28 2010) Here
NEW - How to avoid both the naked body scanner and TSA gropes! (Nov 23, 2010) Here
NEW - TSA Gropers Prone To Predatory Criminal Behavior (Nov 24, 2010) Here

Cancer or a deadly communicable disease?
"Bullies" and psychopaths go hand in hand

Deadlier Than Scanners: TSA To Spread Flesh-Eating Bacteria (Nov 25 2010) Here
Dr. Blaylock: Body Scanners More Dangerous Than Feds Admit (November 24, 2010) Here
via infowars Here
The Fake Underwear Bomber and Your Liberties
(Dec. 2009) Here

How much longer will you let yourself be abused?

Absolute power and control over others - Meet the psychopath
Sadistic "games" - Your well-beeing and life is on the line, how much abuse are you willing to take?

TSA Administrative Directive: Opt-Outters To Be Considered “Domestic Extremists” (Nov 24, 2010) Here
Poll: Majority oppose body scans, nearly half seek alternative to flying (Nov 24, 2010) Here
Big Sis Wants Behavior Scanners At Sports Events, Malls (Nov 24, 2010) Here
In Defense of Our Children (Nov. 22, 2010) Here
Post of interest on Lovefraud; Researchers minimize the psychopathy problem (22 November 2010) HereAccording to the corrupt U.N., "Concentrations of the main greenhouse gases have reached their highest levels recorded since pre-industrial times, according to the World Meteorological Organization’s 2009 Greenhouse Gas Bulletin." Greenhouse Gases Reach Record Levels Here Oh, I am so scared - NOT! If you believe that Greenhouse Gases Reach Record Levels then you might also believe that untested and dangerous "vaccines" protect you from getting sick and in "Global warming/climate change". Right now we are have some really big "climate changes" in Sweden, fall changed into winter and now it is snowing! Should I be worried??? (LOL)

Musician and Activist Jim Corr Calls Ireland Out onto the Streets for Campaign of Mass Peaceful Civil Disobedience Here

The Truth Is Coming Out - 'the Nazis Didn't Lose The War' (24 November 2010) Video Here
David Icke - Rise Like Lions (We are many, they are few) Here

Government Abuse

Government Abuse at US Airports Here
Body scanners have 'mutagenic effects' Here
TSA Now Putting Hands Down Fliers’ Pants (November 16, 2010) Here
Full Frontal Nudity Doesn’t Make Us Safer: Abolish the TSA (November 14, 2010) Here
More reasons to hate the TSA (Video) Here
TSA screener terrorizes 3-year-old girl Here
Educated families increasingly refusing vaccinations (November 15, 2010) Here
70% of World's Raw Chocolate Soon To Be Genetically Modified (November 16, 2010) Here
Orwellian Scenario: The "Total Control Society" Is Here: Iris Scanners Here
Want Human Rights? Leave the United Nations Here
Thanksgiving travel and National Opt Out of airline body scanner day Here

Psychopath always leave a trail of destruction in their path

There is no "Global warming" or "Climate change", (More info Here) it is all lies in order for the corrupt U.N. to further their agenda, establishing a 'world government'. "Climate change" is used as an excuse to raise energy costs for consumers with the aim of ultimately driving them into poverty (industry is also affected) and also, among other things, for taking over areas of land and water, National Ocean Council Here, all according to Agenda 21.
Video: Agenda 21; Henry Lamb on agenda 21 Here
Agenda 21 For Dummies
Video: The Globalist (NWO) Agenda 21, you better have a listen to the truth, cause it's hard to believe Here

At the recent Convention on Biological Diversity, the U.N. also blamed "climate change" for the "increasing losses of plant and animal species". (LOL) Considering that there is no "global warming", nor "climate change", these "losses" are obviously occuring because of such things as "chemtrails" (Here), GMO (Here), "oil leaks" and dispersants along Gulf coast to mention some. The fact that we are being "sprayed" like insects is more or less confirmed by following articles;
U.N. urged to freeze climate geo-engineering projects (Oct 21, 2010) Here
Geoengineering sparks international ban, first-ever congressional report
(October 29, 2010) Here
What in the World are They Spraying!
(Oct. 27 2010) Here

More of interest as we find manipulative liars without a conscience and empathy just about everywhere;

The Ink Cartridge Terror Plot Is A Totally Staged Farce By Western Powers (Oct 31,2010) Here
Pentagon Forges NATO Proxy Armies In Eastern Europe (October 30, 2010) Here
Powerful EU Nations May Reform “Mission Impossible” Treaty in Secret
(October 30, 2010) Here
UN Tricks and Treaties (Oct 19, 2010) Here
Surge in Corporate Patents on “Climate-Ready” Crops - Threatens Biodiversity and Signals Grab on Land and Biomass (25 October 2010) Here
Quadruple-dose seasonal flu “super” vaccine now being aggressively pushed onto senior citizens (Oct. 2010) Here
(October 20, 2010) Here
Inside the Mind of a Psychopath (Sept. 2010) Here

When "people of the lie" have "bullied" their way to positions of power . . .

The War On Terror is a Fraud Here
US Allows Afghanistan to Aid Taliban, Al Qaeda and Drug Trafficking (11 October 2010) Here
Hillary Clinton ADMITS that the US and Pakistan created the Mujahaddin (aka Al CIA DUH) Here
All in the "Family." Global Drug Trade Fueled by Capitalist Elites (July 20, 2010) Here
People of the Lie: The Psychopathology of the “Public Servant” and the Sociopathology of the State (October 8, 2010) Here
Pilot to TSA: ‘No Groping Me and No Naked Photos’ (October 18th, 2010) Here
Cancer Danger In Airport ‘Backscatter’ X-Ray Machines (January 5, 2010) Here

To collectivly refuse to comply is one way to stop the madness

Crooks and liars - more on criminal psychopaths

US physics professor: 'Global warming is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life' (11 oktober 2010) Click Here

"Global Warming" now better known as "Climate Change" is a global fraud which aims to steal more of your money and lower your lifestyle.

More of interest;

Concerning the "Nobel Prize" which have had some real "winners" though the years,
`Black Swan' Author Says Investors Should Sue Nobel for Crisis Here

And . . . it gets sicker by the day - dealing with "control freaks"

Climate Film Depicts Children Assassinated For Not Reducing Carbon Footprint (Oct. 1, 2010) Here
'Go green or we'll kill your kids' says Richard Curtis eco-propaganda shocker Here
Al Gore Confronted in Tampa about Global Warming Again!! - video (Oct. 2, 2010) Here
UN 'to appoint space ambassador to greet alien visitors'
(26 sept. 2010) Here
Censorship of the Internet Takes Center Stage in "Online Infringement" Bill (Sept 21, 2010) Here
Globalists Push World Transaction Tax At UN Summit (Sept. 19, 2010) Here

News of interest

Neonatal administration of a vaccine preservative, thimerosal, produces lasting impairment of nociception and apparent activation of opioid system in rats
. Brain Res. 2009 Dec 8;1301:143-51. Here
Gates Roundup: Monsanto, Colonisation, Clinton Ties, and Control of Education Here
15 Shocking Poverty Statistics That Are Skyrocketing As The American Middle Class Continues To Be Slowly Wiped Out (Sept. 15, 2010) Here
Energy Department Says It Has ‘Mandate’ to Force ‘Market Transformation’ for Household Appliances (Sept. 17, 2010) Here
Europeans Push Global Tax to Fund Poverty-Reduction, Climate Change Causes (Sept.17, 2010) HereCounty Sues Farmer For Excessive Crops (Video) Here
Even the Little Guy Now Realizes that the Stock Market is Gamed, And Many Are Pulling Out Entirely (Sept. 19, 2010) Here
Latest Vaccine Propaganda: It Prevents Heart Attacks (Sept. 21, 2010) Here
Global Tax Scam Shifts From Climate Change To Poverty (Sept. 21, 2010) Here
Russian deputies suggest branding bribe takers (Sept. 21, 2010) Here
US House puts oceans, coasts under UN: Senate vote will seal the deal (Sept. 22, 2010) Here
Inside Norway’s Underground Military HQ (Sept. 22, 2010) Here
Big Pharma Scores Big Win: Medicinal Herbs Will Disappear in EU (12 Sept. 2010) Here
Official Bilderberg Website: “Global Cooling” One of Topics Discussed at 2010 Meeting (Sept. 22, 2010) HereProposed Law Would Allow Justice Department to Shut Down Websites (Sept. 23, 2010) Here
Alex Jones: ‘UN a Nazi movement’ (Sept. 23, 2010) Here
The Globalists Plan for a Coming World Currency (September 23, 2010) Here

Cavum Septum Pellucidum

Excellent post by Swiverchair on Raine et al.'s latest research concerning psychopaths and brain abnormalities, Neurological Correlates is 3! (Almost). Plus: The Trifecta of the Psychopath Brain Here
Also of interest, studies on the connection between "vaccines" and autism;
Study Shows Vaccines Cause Brain Changes Found in Autism (July 15, 2010) Here
Study; Influence of pediatric vaccines on amygdala growth and opioid ligand binding in rhesus macaque infants: A pilot study. (pdf) Here
Family to Receive $1.5M+ in First-Ever Vaccine-Autism Court Award
(September 9, 2010) Here
Bill Gates: Death Panel Advocate (video) Here
Gates Foundation Puts Its Money Where Its Mouth Is (Aug. 26, 2010) Here Hmmm?
Warning: This Common Food Causes Devastating Offspring Defects in New Research Study
Eugenics Alert: World Bank Population-Reduction Lending Schemes Already Underway
(Sep. 3, 2010) Here

Psychopath: Teenager Who Murdered 10-Year-Old Brother Claims He Was Inspired by Hit TV Show (Sept. 15, 2010) Here

New research has been added! (Sept. 10, 2010)

Food as a weapon

Senate Bill S510 Explained (sort of) Here
Senate Bill S510 Makes it illegal to Grow, Share, Trade or Sell Homegrown Food Here
Genetic Modified Foods - Senate Bill S510
"Forced feeding of toxicants, as the only foodstuff available to the masses, is a true crime against humanity." Here
Senate Bill S510 Makes it illegal to Grow, Share, Trade or Sell Homegrown Food (Video) Here

and . . .
Do you know the truth about the EU? Here
Meat produced from cloned animal entered food chain (Aug 3, 2010) Here
Cloned Meat May Already Have Invaded Our Food Supply, Posing Alarming Health Risks (Aug.20, 2010) Here

Absolute power and control over others - Meet the psychopath
When "politicians" talk about "sustainability" and "lowering CO2", they are talking about killing you

Playing GOD makes the psychopath feel all powerful:
A must watch! The Globalist (NWO) Agenda 21,you better have a listen to the truth, cause it's hard to believe Here

Conclusive: Global Distribution of Rockefeller-Funded Anti-Fertility Vaccine Coordinated by WHO (Aug 27, 2010) Here

A must watch! Henry Lamb on agenda 21 Here

A must watch! Agenda 21 For Dummies Here

Agenda 21 Alert: Obama’s $250 Million Plan to Brainwash Your Children Here
The Elites Have Lost The Right to Rule (August 28, 2010) Here


Bullying causes psychological stress which can lead to stressrelated illnesses and even death for the target of this perverted violence. Neurologicalcorrelates has a great post on the subject matter Here where following study is highlighted; Neural sensitivity to social rejection is associated with inflammatory responses to social stress. By; George M. Slavich, Baldwin M. Way, Naomi I. Eisenberger and Shelley E. Taylor. (pdf) Here Abstract Here

Also of interest, an article concerning the study, Social Stress Linked to Inflammation (August 10, 2010) Here

Mood, Blood Pressure, and Heart Rate at Work: An Experience-Sampling Study. (April 2010) Here

Prolonged psychological stress can also be seen as as a 'stroke in slowmotion';
Psychological distress, major depressive disorder, and risk of stroke
(2008) Click Here

So called, "murder by suicide" Here is also of great concern as the "victim", tragically, sometimes see no other way out of his/her personal hell. Bullying is dangerous and the "bully" should be held accountable.

Serotonin and psychopathy
Please go to my other site Here

The psychopath and moral understanding

Please visit my other site concerning the latest research on the topic of psychopathy and morality Here
Psychopaths' brains wired to seek rewards, no matter the consequences (March 2010) Here

Perverted Cyber attack

This site is currently under a perverted cyber attack as someone obviously feels threatened.  (it is noticeable when you "google" it) A psychopath lacks emotional intelligence (EI) and thus can be compared to a child, regardless of age. This “child” is known for his/her temper tantrums when threatened or when he/she does not get his/her own way.  But it is not just any "child" you are dealing with, it is a very sadistic one as well,  Bullies Enjoy Seeing Others Suffer Here who also is in need of constant attention.  Luckily, I am “armed with knowledge” so it does not bother me personally, I do however bring it to attention as it can serve as an excellent example of how these gravely disturbed individuals lash out at others.  Below some recent studies on the topic as well as a newly found site;

Psychopathic and antisocial, but not emotionally intelligent (April 2010) Here
The emotional manipulation–psychopathy nexus: Relationships with emotional intelligence, alexithymia and ethical position. (June 2010) Here
Empathy deficits and trait emotional intelligence in psychopathy and Machiavellianism. (July, 2009) Here Psychopathy and Trait Emotional Intelligence (2008) Here
Newly found site - please note that HE can be replaced by SHE; Inside the mind of a Psychopath Here

The Temporoparietal junction – Where moral judgments can be altered
To read the post - please go to my other site, psychopathy101 Here

The the brain's reward system is different in psychopaths

Latest research from Joshua W Buckholtz et al. points to that the brain's reward system concerning psychopaths is quite different from the rest of us, according to him, they found that "a hyper-reactive dopamine reward system may be the foundation for some of the most problematic behaviors associated with psychopathy, such as violent crime, recidivism and substance abuse." For more info;
Mesolimbic dopamine reward system hypersensitivity in individuals with psychopathic traits
. By; Joshua W Buckholtz, Michael T Treadway, Ronald L Cowan, Neil D Woodward, Stephen D Benning, Rui Li, M Sib Ansari, Ronald M Baldwin, Ashley N Schwartzman, Evan S Shelby, Clarence E Smith, David Cole, Robert M Kessler & David H Zald. Nature, Neuroscience, 2010 (14 March 2010) Click Here
Here a write-up by Science Daily, Psychopaths' Brains Wired to Seek Rewards, No Matter the Consequences (Mar. 15, 2010) Here

"Bullying" at the workplace

"Bullying" what a kind word for a process that can lead to death for the one targeted, refer to my other site Here also of interest as the world is starting to wake up to the dangers of sociopathy/Psychopathy; America’s Crash Course in Narcissism 101 Here

New Links

Another site concerning survivors of psychopaths have been added, Victims and Survivors of Psychopaths; Here as well as pages on GMO HERE Vaccines HERE and Chemtrails HERE The text is in Swedish but most of the links are in English.

Concerning "conspiracy theories", let me quote Dr. Kevin Barret;
"The only conspiracy that matters is the conspiracy of the psychopaths against the rest of us" Here
Twilight of the Psychopaths Av Dr. Kevin Barrett Här

National Stalking Awareness Month Here

More info/ links see Here (scroll past the swedish text to "Links in English" toward bottom of page where you also will find some research on the topic)

Polls = divide and conquer
So, like someone wrote, "I wonder who funds these polls, follow the money" Further reading on how psychopaths manipulate;
Psychopaths In Sheep's Clothing Here
Eight Ways to Spot Emotional Manipulation
How Psychopaths View Their World
Beautiful Pathology of a Predator Liar Here
(Jan 15, 1010)

Recent studies of interest

The Neurobiology of Psychopathy: A Neurodevelopmental Perspective. Click Here
Psychopathy: Assessment and Forensic Implications. Click Here
Recent Advances in Psychopathy Research. Click Here
and last but not least,
Corporate Psychopathy (December 15, 2009) Video Click Here

Psychopaths may appear to "smarter", especially to those who have had no personal experience with these disordered individuals. However, that is not the case, because once you are on to "them" you will not be taken in as easily because you have learned to question things, learned to go facts and not heresay, are aware of their traits and techniques used to manipulate. The reason these disordered individuals have been "succesful" in the past is because of lack of knowledge concerning these individuals. That is no longer the case as more and more people are becoming aware of the fact that we have individuals who lack a conscience and empathy among us and that these individuals pose a great danger to us all, in one way or another. As our knowledge grows, the harder it becomes for the psychopath/s.

Tips for co-parenting with a sociopath/psychopath

Some very useful advice can be found at Lovefraud concerning shared custody with a sociopath/psychopath:
Tips for co-parenting with a sociopath Here

Documentary - "I Psychopath"

Before watching the documentary please note, not all psychopath's are the same, for ex., not all psychopaths have a lot of short relationships, some can be married to the same person all life long, however in such a "relationship" extramarital affairs are not uncommon. Also, Belinda Board says that psychopathy could be "extentions of normal characteristics that each of us have in varying degrees". Not so, psychopaths brains are quite different from people with a conscience and empathy, see posts below or visit "Research", found above. Finally to quote Dr. Hare, "The victims have all something in common, they're human" and "If we believe in the fundamentally goodness of man we're doomed". To protect yourself, your near and dear as well as your fellow human beings, take the advice that I once got, learn as much as you can as fast as you can. Here the documentary; I Psychopath Click Here
Links of interest concerning Sam Vaknin found at the bottom of this page Here

Also of interest; Psychopaths, Sadists, Misfits, and Murderers - Part 1 Here

Last but not least; What Every Clinician Should Know about Psychopathic Personality. A three hour long video by Scott O. Lilienfeld, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at Emory University. More info. Here

Bullies may enjoy seeing others in pain: Brain scans show disruption in natural empathetic response Here (the word, "may" is an understatement) and Serial Killers and Politicians Share Traits (June 12, 2009) Här

Monkeys have a sense of morality, say scientists (February 15, 2009) Klicka Här (Don't think monkeys were driving SUVs)
Morality askew in psychopaths’ brains  Klicka Här

Biological explanation for psychopathy - uncinate fasciculus in focus
Please see my other site; Here
New articles added (aug, 2009) found toward bottom of page.

Emotional and verbal abuse harm your brain
If you are being psychologically abused at work and can't get the "issue" resolved, your best bet is to leave the workplace. If you can not do that, for like financial reasons, take every step possible to protect yourself, mentally and physically until you find another employee. If you are in a "toxic" relationship, male or female, again - Get Out ! Here an interesting site I just happened to come across while looking for research studies on today's topic; Click Here

My next post, Neural Correlates of Deception can be found at my other site Here

The Serial Bully

Who in your life, fit the following description? Click Here

“Bullies” and why they keep “bullying” regardless of age
To “bully” – a much too kind of a word for a process that can lead to lifelong suffering and/or death for those targeted by this type of violence.

We already know that a relationship exists between “bullying” and conduct problems. In the study below, researchers took a closer look at children with conduct problems and co-occurring traits, such as callous-unemotional traits (CU),  such as a lack of guilt, absence of empathy and callous use of others.  The research concluded, that a child with conduct problems in combination with CU traits had “a particularly potent risk factor for both direct and indirect bullying.” Researchers also found in “line with previous research, males were more likely to engage in direct and females in indirect bullying.”

Individuals with conduct problems and CU traist are also insensitive to punishment.  In other words, punishment is not a deterrent.  The contribution of callous-unemotional traits and conduct problems to bullying in early adolescence. (April, 2009) Click Here  These individuals, like psychopaths, see no problem with their conduct and thus see no reason to change their behavior AND therein lies the problem.

“Bullies” also become subjected to a type of “bullying” as others distance themselves from these individuals due to their appalling and aggressive behavior.  Studies have shown that individuals who psychologically harass, “bully” others, more often than not, also show signs of having some type of psychiatric condition which is why children who “bully” others should undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Psychiatric conditions associated with bullyingHere

Individuals who ”bully” also enjoy hurting others (that’s how disturbed they are). Bullies may enjoy seeing others in pain: Brain scans show disruption in natural empathetic response. Click Here  Similar studies concerning adults point to that as well.  But, you don’t need scan their brains to tell that they enjoy hurting others. I am sure that most of us have witnessed that condescending smile they display from time to time.

A child with a genetic disorder such as psychopathy who “bully” others during his/her childhood will continue to do so as an adult.  This is the reason why we also have "bullying" in the workplace.  An individual with a personality disorder such as psychopathy does not “grow out of it” nor is there a “cure” for the disorder.  These individuals continue to wreck havoc/create chaos and harm/kill others wherever they may be, they are ruthless predators who only care for themselves.  Distinguishing characteristics of those who have “bullied” their way to the top are such things as, a very high salary along with some very advantageous “benefits” and an absence of morality, something that Dr. Robert Hare, leading authority on psychopathy, pointed out a long time ago. These individuals take pleasure in living a so called “parasitic lifestyle”, living off other people’s labor and money.*

Because of the great harm these individuals inflict on others, it is of immense importance that as many people as possible educate themselves about these gravely disturbed individuals.  Would you allow an individual with a severe personality disorder handle your money?  Most people would probably answer that question with a NO. However, many of these seriously disordered individuals have “bullied” their way into some very high positions in the government, private companies and organizations as well as other places, where they pose an enormous danger to a great number of people. Due to this, more and more people across the globe have raised their voices, calling for such things as testing individuals in and/or seeking a high position in which they will have power over others, this to make sure that the individual does not have a serious personality disorder such as psychopathy/sociopathy.  The sooner we can identify these individuals, the better a world we can create for us all.

To keep in mind: Individuals who abuse others most likely has some type of grave personality disorder.

More research of interest;  
Size matters: Increased grey matter in boys with conduct problems and callous-unemotional traits. Here
Too much of a good thing: increased grey matter in boys with conduct problems and callous-unemotional trait. Here

More studies involving children found toward the bottom of the page; Here All in English also see previous research by clicking on a different year found above the 2009 research.

Also see
; White collar psychopath fraudfeasors who use other people as tools for conning, duping, manipulating and perpetrating fraud: brain scan study. Does a broken moral neural circuit excuse evil? Here

Yet another needless death
In memory of: Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover
Click Here and all the other children who have lost their lives to "bullying". Needless violence and suffering that can be prevented. Knowledge is the key - Educate yourself! More sites to visit, see left hand column.

* Psychopathy /Millon., 9. Parasitic Lifestyle, p. 175.

(April 9, 2009)

Tagged: Psychopathy, frustration, and reactive aggression.

"Psychopathy is a developmental disorder marked by emotional hyporesponsiveness and an increased risk for instrumental and reactive aggression. The increased risk for reactive aggression is the focus of the current paper. It will be argued that the increased risk for reactive aggression does not relate to an increased sensitivity to threatening stimuli since psychopathy is associated with a reduced sensitivity to threat. Instead, it is argued that the increased risk for reactive aggression relates to an increased risk for frustration; i.e. the emotional state following the performance of an action in the expectation of a particular reward and not receiving this reward. Two impairments seen in psychopathy would increase the risk for frustration and consequent potential reactive aggression; impairments in stimulus-reinforcement learning and reversal learning. It is argued that both are known consequences of impairment in ventromedial prefrontal cortex, one of the regions principally implicated in psychopathy."
Psychopathy, frustration, and reactive aggression: The role of ventromedial prefrontal cortex. By; R.J. Blair Ph.D. Click Here

A related studie of interest by Dr. Blair from August 2008; The amygdala and ventromedial prefrontal cortex: functional contributions and dysfunction in psychopathy. Click Here

Articles of interest concerning the ventromedial prefrontal cortex, although not related to psychopathy;
Researchers study the pleasure of punishment (Aug. 26, 2004) Click Here and Fairness activates brain reward circuitry (April, 2008) Click Here also see; Medial prefrontal cortex exhibits money illusion (feb. 2009) Here

Tagged: Methods used by the psychopath to con others

Global Warming, Climate Change - Yeah right, here more on the scam;

U.N Plans To Cut Western Countries Down To Size (30 March 2009) Click Here
Antarctic Sea Ice Up Over 43% Since 1980, Where Is The Media?
(05 April, 2009) Click Here
Another Global Warming Hoax exposed
Snap! Freezing Bears
Click Here
Polar bear of 'special concern,' but not endangered, panel finds Click Here

Tagged: Violent and aggressive
Here, an interesting review by Christopher J Patrick into existing psychophysiological studies of aggression and violent behavior.  These traits, besides say, being cunning and manipulative makes it easy for the psychopath to plow his/her way into “power positions” where the individual, sooner or later cause great damage. Psychophysiological correlates of aggression and violence: an integrative review Click Here

Tagged: Sooner or later, the truth always surface
Judi McLeod writes, "Good news to know that the truth will always out--even when you’re Barack", Obama’s involvement in Chicago Climate Exchange--the rest of the story Here and more on the topic, Obama Intimately Tied To Carbon Trading Scam Here

Newly added! Telling CO2 Lies to Destroy America Click Here and
Governmental gangsterism
"CO2 is not a “pollutant.” It is a trace gas necessary for all life of Earth because it is essential to the growth of all vegetation." (March 29, 2009) Click Here

So you think you can spot a psychopath/Sociopath? Here something of interest; "A Skeptic Gets Fleeced. A guy who literally wrote the book on gullibility lost a bunch of money by investing with Bernie Madoff." Click Here

Tagged immature and aggressive:
In view of recent news; President Barack Obama vows to 'disrupt, dismantle and defeat' al-Qaeda Here
Well, guess what? Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist Here
History repeats itself - Think of all wars throughout times
Remember when you were a kid and played games, you were a princess, a policeman or something else. Well, psychopaths never leave that "fantasy world" and when they "grow up" and have "bullied" their way to power they "play" with real people and real weapons and think nothing of it as they have no conscience and lack empathy. Here a "classic" that says it all War-HUH!-What's it Good For? Absolutely Nothin' Click Here or Here
More reading; The serial bully Here or see "Research" above

Tagged manipulative liars:
“Earth Hour” - for those easily manipulated
"So, if you are either: 1) a gullible fool, 2) a complete idiot, or 3) a champion of British imperial neo-Malthusianism (i.e. you are pro-genocide, which Parson Thomas Malthus himself openly advocated) by all means turn out your lights for “Earth Hour”. "
Click Here
The 'green' terrorists on Prince Philip's leash Click Here Al Gore: Britain's Malthusian Agent Click Here
Al Gore's Fascist Liberal Global Warming Corrupt Data (Video) Here

Turn on your lights!
Human Achievement Hour
human achievement will be celebrated with the lights “on”. Click Here

Schizophrenia-linked gene controls the birth of new neurons (March 19, 2009) Click Here

They want us to save the world, from what and from whom?
President Vaclav Klaus

"Global Warming/Climate change" is nothing but a big hoax apparently aimed at reducing the worlds population and let a small "elite" group of people "rule the world". Sounds sick and down right crazy due to the fact that we obviously have some very sinister individuals in power positions. Please listen to President Vaclav Klaus very informative speech by visiting the Heartland Institute website (Click on his name in the middle column under; "Keynote Addresses from the Second International Conference on Climate Change", Click Here

Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate Click Here
More info see; Science & Environmental Policy Project Click Here

A liedetector test will never work on a psychopath - "See" why

When a normal person feel stressed his/her pulse will increase, palms begin to sweat and breathing increase. However these physiological responses will not appear if the individual is a psychopath as his/her "system" works differently (More info - see research above). To find out if a psychopath is lying or not one has to look at his/her brain. In the below study from 2005, which appeared today (March 16, 2009) as a pdf file you too can "see" how the psycopath differs when it comes to anticipating punishment. There is a lack of fear and that, among other things, makes this individual very dangerous. Deficient Fear Conditioning in Psychopathy - A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study Click Here (Enlage text by pressing (+) button or by changing the - %)

* * *

"They selfishly take what they want and do as they please, violating social norms and expectations without the slightest sense of guilt or regret".
Dr. R. Hare, Without a Consciece

Since everyone simply assumes that conscience is universal among human beings, hiding
the fact that you are conscience-free is nearly effortless. You are not held back from any of your desires by guilt or shame, and you are never confronted by others for your cold-bloodedness. The ice water in your veins is so bizarre, so completely outside of their personal experience that they seldom even guess at your condition.
Martha Stout, The Sociopath Next Door: The Ruthless vs. the Rest of Us

Psychopathy, empathy and moral agency: Lessons from autism Here

"Looking for evil in the wrong places – class prejudice
For many, perhaps most people, evil is something you find in prisons or slums. They simply do not think of people who have money and dress nicely as being evil. But successful psychopaths do not end up in prisons or slums. They can be bankers, physicians, professionals of any stripe, politicians, even leaders of nations." Here and Here

Scientists Draw Link Between Morality And Brain's Wiring Here

What's going on in the world? (Or: What is a Psychopath, and why is it essential to know?) Here

Food for thought; The Multiple Ways Monsanto is Putting Normal Seeds Out of Reach Here Monsanto Earnings - Quite Awesome Here and Monsanto & GMOs (Son of a farmer) Here

Last but not least, in the news - Hold on to your hat! Eight years left to save the planet Here Then again, this might explain the odd statement as his father said the following, "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation." Here Still wonder why Diana left? and Brain scan replaces job interview in 5 years  Here

* * *

Just a reminder! Lots of new articles of interest added toward bottom of page (Latest entries)
Off topic but of interest; The neurological basis of intuition Click Here
More on the topic of " The Global Warming Swindle"
Al Gore Refuses To Dignify Debate: "It's Not A Matter Of Theory"
(March 5, 2009) Gee, could that possible be because he doesn't have a leg to stand on? Click Here There are 3 times as many polar bears living in the wild compared to 50 years ago and each year 300-500 are killed to keep the population down. Other articles of interest on the topic; Click Here and Here and is WWF trying to withdraw in order to keep some dignity? WWF writes; "With 20-25,000 polar bears living in the wild, the species is not currently endangered". Hmmm, why would I then be urged to adopt one? We have all seen the ads Click Here and moreover; "If the ice disappears then it will be game over for the polar bear." Notive how it is phrased, IF. . . Click Here Personally, I have no longer any respect for them.

Some more on the "The Great Global Warming Swindle" (VIDEO) Click Here

and "Fox Admits To Planting Political Brainwashing In Popular TV Shows" Click Here

On the topic of; "A need for absolute power over others is a core trait of the psychopath"
"TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT - Vermont Issues Licenses With RFID Tags" Click Here

“ ‘Sociopath,’ ‘psychopath,’ it means there is a sickness, a pathology. This man knew what he was doing. I would simply call him thief, scoundrel, criminal.” Click Here from Swivelchair's site on the topic below Click Here Related articles; Bernie Madoff Thinks His Wife Should Keep $70 Million Click Here Comments Here
The Borderland of Narcissism and Sociopathy Click Here "Narcissists, Steve Becker, LCSW, writes, demand that their sense of self, and self-importance, be propped up by others. They are essentially insecure. Sociopaths, on the other hand, views others as objects to be exploited for their own greed and entertainment."

"The neural correlates of moral decision-making in psychopathy"
"Psychopathy is a personality disorder involving severe disruption in moral behavior accompanied by pronounced deficits in emotion. Emotion is argued to be a critical component of moral behavior.1 Highly emotional moral dilemmas have been found to evoke activity in the amygdala, medial prefrontal cortex, posterior cingulate and angular gyrus." Interesting new study, se below;
The neural correlates of moral decision-making in psychopathy Click Here (pdf Here)

Run, take cover, hurry hurry ! (LOL) - Exclusive: The methane time bomb
"The first evidence that millions of tons of a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide is being released into the atmosphere from beneath the Arctic seabed has been discovered by scientists." Here

Gee, now why didn't we hear anything about this back in September 2008??? Oh, I forgot, the "politicians" can't blame us nor tax us. Suggested reading; Unstoppable Global Warming, Every 1,500 Years Click Here and
Japan's boffins: Global warming isn't man-made
(25th February 2009) Here

If We Had Some Global Warming Klick Here Have a great weekend!

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What's going on in the world?
(Or: What is a Psychopath, and why is it essential to know?) Click Here

New blog added; Health Freedom USA Click Here
"Action eAlert: Medical Fascism Came to US Yesterday! and Health Freedom association alerted me to the threats to Health Freedom hidden in H.R. 1 EH, the economic stimulus law."

New post The Sadistic Aggressive Personality "Sadists love to build themselves up at the expense of others. It makes them feel powerful to wield almost tyrannical influence over those they perceive as weaker or inferior. They derive pleasure from watching others cower, grovel, or struggle in one-down positions." Click Here

Monkeys have a sense of morality but psychopaths don’t
Scientists have found that monkeys have a sense of fairness, help their fellow animals and even appear to have a conscience, psychopaths on the other hand lack these qualities. Also of interest, “Some researchers believe we could owe our consciences to climate change and, in particular, to a period of intense global warming between 50,000 and 800,000 years ago.”  Hmmmm, now isn't that interesting, as there were no cars and no factories at that time!   Well, not having a conscience enables psychopaths, among other things, to lie and manipulate without feeling any remorse or guilt.
Monkeys have a sense of morality, say scientists (February 15, 2009) Here
Morality askew in psychopaths’ brains  Klicka Här
Again, there is no “Global Warming”, Emperor’s green clothes: UN’s IPCC preying on people’s ignorance Here
Heritability of cooperative behavior in the trust game Click Here

"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that numbers of people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their government and have gone to war, and millions have been killed because of this obedience. Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves, and all the while the grand thieves are running and robbing the country. That's our problem."
Howard Zinn, from 'Failure to Quit'

MONSANTO SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY - as should all those who are complicit in their crimes!
Lydia Fyodorova

Scary part is the FDA is just as corrupt as any other dept. in our government. A once great country over run by cooks and liars.

Serious Health Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods Click Here

Crimes against humanity: The Swedish government ratified the Lisbon Treaty on their own; Swedes were not allowed to vote, thus run over by their own government! Fascism is alive and well in Sweden. Ireland is still holding out - Good for them! Here Tony Blair is now set to make himself president of the European Union Here Again, nobody has voted for him! The way human rights are stepped on in Europe is UNREAL! Obviously, way too many sociopaths in high positions!  BEWARE - learn as much as you can about psychopathy/Sociopathy!

Some more "food for thought" 50 harmful effects of genetically engineered (GE), genetically modified (GM), food
Click Here

"Seeds of Destruction" - Death, powerty, illness and destruction of natural resourses
The articles and videos will speak for themselves - It is time to wake up before it is too late!

"Doomsday Seed Vault" in the Arctic Click Here
Death of the Bees: GMO Crops and the Decline of Bee Colonies in North America Click Here
Is this the end of hives of activity? Click Here
Why bees matter (14 August 2008) Click Here
'Clean-up' bees could save endangered hives Click Here
GM Files: Horrifying New Disease Contains Identical Material to GM "Food"
Nightmare on Elm Street's Dinner Table. Thank you, Monsanto!
Click Here
Morgellons Disease Linked to GM Crops and Food
(December 17, 2008) Click Here
Agrobacterium & Morgellons Disease, A GM Connection? (August 20, 2008) Click Here
Nutricide - Criminalizing Natural Health, Vitamins, and Herbs. By; Rima E. Laibow M.D. ( video) Click Here
The World According to Monsanto. A must see, well worth the time (2hr. video) Scroll down on page Click Here
We're just ordinary people. But we're worried. And we think you have a reason to be, too. Click Here

Do normal people do this to others? No, only really evil individuals are capable of such evil deeds!

"Time will tell whether, God Forbid, the Svalbard Doomsday Seed Bank of Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation is part of another Final Solution, this involving the extinction of the Late, Great Planet Earth."
William Engdahl

* * *

Why are psychopaths/sociopaths so aggressive? A summary of imaging findings from 2006 but still of interest. Anyone who has had any personal contact with a psychopath/sociopath knows that their temper can flare up without any notice, thus often described as having a "Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde" personality. According to several studies there seem to be a "significant correlations between reduced frontal blood flow and increased antisocial, aggressive behaviors". Researchers have also found that adult psychopaths along with aggressive individuals with temporal lobe epilepsy also have reduced prefrontal gray matter something seen in children with conduct disorder as well. Neural basis to moral judgement and more is also discussed in this paper;
Neural foundations to moral reasoning and antisocial behavior. Click Here

On the topic of aggressive behavior - In the news;
"Former Vice President Dick Cheney warned that there is a “high probability” that terrorists will attempt a catastrophic nuclear or biological attack in coming years." Here Rather interesting prediction considering all the coffins stored in Georgia. Here According to this site, "Before leaving office, Bush approved new Protective Action Guides (PAGs) for radiation releases Rules dramatically weaken public protections." Here Finally; "Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that the United States is concerned about recent behavior in Iran...." (Feb. 4, 2009) Here Obviously things have been brewing for a while, "Clinton warns Iran of U.S. nuclear response" Here And finally; Unusually Large U.S. Weapons Shipment to Israel: Are the US and Israel Planning a Broader Middle East War? Here

From genes to brain to crime
To keep an eye on our politicians is a must as we find psychopaths/sociopaths/narcissists in that group as well. Sitting in a high political position on a local or national level they can cause a great deal of harm which in turn, will affect a lot of people.  A crime does not always involve physical violence, like murder, it can be a "white collar crime" such as fraud to spreading malicious rumors about others. Today, due to research, we know that there is a neurobiological basis for this type of behavior. Thus, bad genes lead to bad brains which in turn lead to bad behavior.  To gain more insight into the problem;
The biological crime: implications for society and the criminal justice system
. Click Here

FEMA Update:
The Reality Of FEMA Camps And The Martial Law Apparatus (02-02-2009) Click Here Beware of talks about a 9/11investigation as this can be used as a divertion to shift focus on something else while other things are going on "behind the curtain". Here; informative video about 9/11 Here And it gets creepier; Here or Here

* * *

Click Here
I am like Titian, Gordon Brown tells baffled world leaders ( Jan. 31, 2009) Here Why not check all politicians Click Here It should be mandatory! 911:Masonic politicians Click Here
CNN: U.S. Is Funding Iranian Nuclear Program, older story but still of interest, What's the status is today? Here
Meat to be removed from hospital menus as NHS tells patients to ring GPs to cut carbon emissions (Jan. 27, 2009) Click Here There is no global warming!!! Now they are working on creating the North American Union - Beware and very aware!
END OF NATIONS - EU Takeover & the Lisbon Treaty (Film) Click Here
Recession is the ‘birth pangs of a new global order’, says Brown (27.01.2009) please view video as well! Click Here

Brainwashing - Global Warming Hoax. . .
Abuse - Taking away our human rights, control - surveillance laws, withholding info. etc...
and Psychopathic Leaders. . . ?
Stephen Harper: A Psychopath In Power? Click Here
Psychopathic Putin and his Psychopathic Russia: The Con Continues Click Here
George Bush is a Psychopath, and We Are His Enablers Click Here
Psychopath Gordon Brown - Britain will emerge stronger Click Here
Tricks of the Psychopath's Trade: Blaming the victim Click Here
Is Sarkozy crazy ? Sarkozy est-il fou? Click Her

and a study of interest, from neurologicalcorrelates Here - Thank you Swivelchair!
Leader emergence: the case of the narcissistic leader. (Dec. 2008) Click Here

The more informed you are the better you can protect yourself!
Dazed and Confused - that's because you're being mugged
. Here

Al Gore at it again. . .
Gore Urges Cap on Carbon Emissions, Global Climate Pact Click Here
On Global Warming; "Those who continue to try to perpetuate it are either ignorant or dishonest."- Bob Webster who wrote;
Global Warming on a Cooling Earth? Click Here

In the news; This makes you wonder what is on the agenda.
New Legislation Authorizes FEMA Camps In U.S. (January 27, 2009) Click Here

The Brits' are starting to react to the fact that our human right are being taken away from us,
see below;

'We were sleepwalking into a disaster' Click Here (VIDEO)
'The notion of human rights is a western idea'  Click Here (VIDEO)

'No country, no matter how powerful . . . can control the forces of globalisation on its own' By; Kofi A. Annan - Scare tactics, want us to feel helpless? Click Here Related; UN’s IPCC preying on people’s ignorance Here

Obama, Guantánamo, and US Hypocrisy "So, the Pope of Hope announced his (purported) objective of closing the military detention center at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba (“Gitmo”) within one year and we’re expected to herald this announcement as a drastic break from the past." Click Here

The definition of a "two-tiered justice system" (Jan. 28, 2009) Click Here

Others who apparently have kept an eye on things:
"Ordo Ab Chao" - "Order Out of Chaos" - the Illuminati Establishment Elite's NWO Masonic Motto: The Global Conspiratorial Elites create (or take advantage of opportune*) "Chaos" and then use that "opportunity" to force / fear-monger / foist their pre-planned "Order" on the public/nation/nations. Click Here
Hillary & Obama In Secret Bilderberg Rendezvous
Click Here
Kissinger (CFR/Trilateralist/Bilderberger): Obama primed to create 'New World Order' Click Here
Barack Obama's 22-member NWO Cabinet: Click Here

* * *

"A need for absolute power over others is a core trait of the psychopath"

* * *

Listen to Kent Kiehl talk about the neurological basis of psychopathy Click Here

The EPFL Latsis Symposium 2009 will include speakers such as, Kent Kiehl, Sheilagh Hodgins and Richard E. Tremblay. For more info. Click Here

Anti-Sociopath Activism

We are all different, we look different, have different interests, are good at different things etc., but there is one thing that most of us have in common and that is, we can “connect” to others.  For example, our first reaction if we see someone hurt is to help.  This "automatic reaction" to act and help someone in need, not expecting any reward for the effort, connects us.  However, a reward we do get automatically, is the fact that helping someone else makes us feel good too, making someone else happy makes us happy, it is kind of contagious that way. : )

However, amongst us are individuals who, because of their genetic makeup, lack this "mechanism to connect”. This is unbeknown to many as we assume that everyone else is just like us, think like us and act like us.   Sadly, that is not the case, meet the psychopath, an individual whose lack of a conscience and empathy is, to say the least, mindboggling.  Here is an individual who does not care about anybody except him/her self.  On top of that, this individual actually enjoys hurting others, hard to fathom but true. (We even have "pictures" to prove it)

Psychopaths are extremely cold, calculating and aggressive individuals who plow their way through life by manipulating, deceiving, bullying, stealing from and in some cases even killing others in order to reach their goals, whatever it takes. Their lack of self control in order to get what they want will inevitable hurt others.  They actually do things that people with a conscience would never ever dream about doing and that make them very dangerous.  On a personal level, such as an interaction at work or in a relationship will inevitable cause great harm.  As a CEO for a large corporation or sitting on a high political post, they affect us all and never in a good way.

We should all celebrate the fact that we are different; if we were not this would be a very boring and uninteresting world. However, we must also set limits to what is acceptable behavior and what is not and knowingly hurting others, emotionally, physically and/or economically is not acceptable in any way or form.  To help yourself and others, learn as much as you can about Sociopathy/Psychopathy and spread the word. If you have a site or a blog consider adding above logo in order to get the message out.  For more information please visit; Click Here who also is behind this great initiative.

* * *

Adding to the characteristics of the psychopath:
"Third, a capacity to create chaos among family, friends and those involved in trying to manage or contain them. I would suggest that this last characteristic is one of the most accurate indicators of the true, as distinct from the pejoratively labelled, psychopath and is often attested to by those who have extensive clinical experience in dealing with the psychopathically disordered."
Offenders, Deviants Or Patients? By Herschel A. Prins (p.153)

"He has to make a mess and create chaos - it's the nature of the beast." (or she)
Click Here

In recent times, we've witnessed chaos on a global scale; 9/11, economic meltdown, global warming hoax, war . . .Then, in steps the "Knight in shining armor" to "save" us all. Beware and listen to those who at first fell for the lies...

Our "Knight in Shining Armor" has become our nightmare.
Click Here
(Keep in mind, a "he" can also be a "she")

* * *

A very interesting and informative video Click Here

It's the creepy plotters who rule us we should really be scared of Click Here
Obama Appoints Top Notch CFR, Bilderberg Members (01-23-2009) Click Here More on Bilderberg Here

"BREAKING: Bush Pardons Osama bin Laden" (Jan. 19, 2009) Click Here
First Missile Strikes On Pakistan Since Obama Presidency: Reports (January 23, 2009) Click Here
What's up with that?
Also, some more sites have been added concerning the global warming hoax, see below.

New blog; The Age of The Psychopath Click Here

Lets change the name to. . .

A psychopath/sociopath must win; he/she will twist facts to fit his/her agenda. Teach yourself to question things and try to find out the truth before you believe what you are told to believe.
What is interesting to notice is the fact that "Global Warming" now has changed its name to "Global Climate Change". Considering all the snow, ice and freezing temperatures it does not come as a surprise that the name of this "common cause" had to change.  It just became a little too obvious that no warming was taking place.  The name change should of course be a BIG tip off that the whole "thing" is a fraud. The latest "truth" in this big hoax is the "fact" that the "Sea is now absorbing less CO2".  Pretty scary stuff -  NOT!  Using scare tactics is also a well known method used by the psychopath to coerce victims into doing what the psychopath wants them to do.  Learn as much as you can about psychopaths/Sociopaths to lessen your chances of being fooled.  These individuals are big-time con artists!

“Perhaps the greatest scientific deception of the IPCC is the abuse and misuse of computer climate models. They allow them to make their reports and deliberations appear credible.”

Click Here

Lies, lies and more lies VERY IMPORTANT!

The 9/11 looks more and more like an inside job, here an article of interest; Marvin Bush and the Planting of Explosives  Click Here

The "Global Warming" is a hoax.  Al Gore and Bill Clinton - obviously working together – please note; the money donated to the Clinton Foundation will be used for "combating Global Climate Change". Please notice how carefully that is worded, well guess what, global climate changes have always occured and all the money in the world can’t change that and nor can he.  On top of that, there is no global warming and human activity does not pose a threat! Global warming hoax Click Here and British show exposes global warming 'lies' Here and
U. S. Senate Minority Report: More Than 650 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims Scientists Continue to Debunk “Consensus” in 2008
. Here and
An Inconvienient Truth: 30,000 Scientists sue AL GORE for FRAUD!
‘Planet Has Cooled Since Bush Took Office’ – Scientists Continue Dissenting – Gore Admits 'I've failed badly' - Global Sea Ice GROWS! Here
UN’s IPCC preying on people’s ignorance Here
Articles of interest;
In Charity and Politics, Clinton Donors Overlap (December 20, 2007 Click Here
Semi-Shady Philanthropy With The Clintons (19 Dec. 2008) Click Here
After Mining Deal, Financier Donated to Clinton (January 31, 2008) Click Here
Make note of, mining uranium in above article!
European Union is promoting nuclear energy: The Euratom Treaty Here

Financial Crises - created
One of many, Click Here

Al Quada does not exist   Click Here  (Please note - Zbigniew Brzezinski – is the man behind Obama!)

The New World Order
Short videos of interest:
The New World Order is Here!
   Click Here  
The Dangers of the "North American Union" by Jerome Corsi Click Here

An Inconvienient Truth: 30,000 Scientists sue AL GORE for FRAUD! Click Here Also;

Man-Made Global Warming Claims Scientists Continue to Debunk “Consensus” in 2008 Click Here

"Global warming", a new "religion" which is to "bring us together" fighting for a common cause, is nothing but a fraud/big hoax, the aim of it all is most likely for a small group of people to get economic control of the "masses", sounds absurd and insane, but people in general better "smarten up" to what is happening on a "larger scale". Everything a psychopath does is to further his/her own agenda whatever that may be but, it is always about power and control over others. Unfortunately these individuals have been able to dupe and manipulate through the ages and make their way to the top which is one of the reasons why, domestic violence and bullying still exist today. The harm these individuals cause others on a personal as well as a global scale is enormous. The ones at the "top" are obviously "bullies" themselves, there really is no other explanation. Rec. reading; 'Seven deadly sins' Here
Bad Economy May Fuel Hate Groups, Experts Warn Click Here Beware! (The people in power have already managed to pit Jews and Arabs against each other, who as we all know, are still feuding to this very day)

Keep in mind; To pit people/groups of people against each other is one thing psychopaths do in order to create chaos, which inturn enables them to put themselves in a position of power, using fear is anotherSums it all up;
Click Here

Also related; Madoff Scam Strangely Resembles Federal Entitlement Programs (01.08.2009) Click Here

On a lighter note; "The best job in the world" Click Here

* * * * * *


Starting today; (Jan. 9) "The Sixth Annual Battered Mother's Custody Conference: "Solutions" This years theme: Battered Women, Abused Children, and Child Custody Klick Here For more information on events throughout the year in Europe and North America, Klick Here

The Mask of a Sociopath Klick Here

In view of the "National Stalking Awareness Month", this is a must read; Here
In view of Cell Phones Can And Are Being Used As Bugs Click Here

Newly added site; Hidden Hurt - Domestic Abuse Information (UK-based site) Click Here

"January is National Stalking Awareness Month" Click Here
Stalking Resorce Center Click Here
For more information about events throughout the year Click Here
Someone YOU KNOW is asking that RIGHT NOW! Click Here * Added Jan. 10 -09 * * *
PERP ALERT -- INVERVESS FLORIDA (VIDEO) Click Here * Added Jan. 10 -09 * * *

Please watch, very important information; 'Going Green' With Lightbulbs Click Here

It is not about right-wing or left-wing, white or black or aything else, it is about accountability, integrity and doing the right thing. Lets hold those in power responsible and thus make 2009 a great year for us all. Considering all the problems politicians create/are responsible for it is no wonder that following article and Petition to the U.S. Congress is found on the web.
What Will The Future Bring Under Obama? Here
Psychiatric Evaluation of Presidential Candidates Here

"Walk the Talk"
Click Here

While on the subject of politics, check out The Authoritarians by Bob Altemeyer Click Here Thank you Swivelchair! Click Here
Other links of interest;
Why Tyrants Go Too Far: Malignant Narcissism and Absolute Power Click Here
The Paranoia Switch: How Terror Rewires Our Brains and Reshapes Our Behavior--and How We Can Reclaim Our Courage. Click Here
Brown, Sarkozy, ECB push new world economic order Click Here
Bait and Switch to Fascism Click Here

* * * * *
I’m here to recruit you: Anti-Sociopath Activism - Click Here

* * * * *

So what does this have to do with psychopaths? Well, psychopaths are known to have no morals, one of the latest articles concerning the subject matter, Morality askew in psychopaths’ brains (November 15th, 2008) Click Here

* * * * *
People involved with a psychopath do after a while, think that they are going "mad". That is not the case, it is the psychopath projecting his/her own mental disorder onto the victim.
Differences between mental illness and psychiatric injury.
Click Here

If you are the adult child of a sociopath Dr. Leedom would like to hear your story.
Please contact her at;

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British professor of psychology says;  the general public must learn how to spot psychopaths as these individuals cause great damage.
"How to spot a psychopath" : Lay theories of psychopathy. By; A. Furnham and V. Swami. Social psychiatry and psychiatric epidemiology, 2008 Nov 3. (Epub ahead of print) Klicka Här
Here is a good start: Characteristics of a Psychopath Click Here

"These Men Know 'Snakes in Suits' Identifying Psychopathic Fraudsters"

Click Here

"Bullies may enjoy seeing others in pain: Brain scans show disruption in natural empathetic response" University of Chicago, November 7, 2008. Click Here and also Here "Bullies" who enjoy seeing others suffer are also known as sadists and everyone who has ever had any type of interaction with such an individual also know that they take great pleasure in seeing others suffer, they love it and now we can "see" it.

Psychopaths are well-known for their immoral behavior, Morality and psychopathy Cognitive Neuroscience
Click Here

Manipulative People

I'd like to bring special attention to Dr. Simon's blog Manipulative People, which was added to the blogroll a few weeks back, in case somebody missed it. (See; left hand side column) Here you will find a great deal of information which I am sure can be of great help as we all probably know of and if not, will sooner or later, run in to an individual/individuals that fits that discription. Dr. Simon is also the author of the book, In Sheep's Clothing:Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People, which I highly recommend. Click on the cover of the book (left hand column) to reach his website and get more information. Also pay a visit to Laura Knight-Jadczyk's site for an excerpt from the book, Click Here

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Why does the psychopath act the way he/she does?
To try to get som additional information/answers, to what is already known, in order to solve the "puzzle", Dr. Kent Kiehl has set out to investigate these individuals some more.  He started his “journey” in September and brought a mobile  fMRI ( here) scanner along.  To read more about this exiting research, Investigating the Psychopathic Mind, Click Here The more we know, the better we will be able to deal with this human "problem/evil" which affects us all, in one way or another.

* * * * * Previous topics (The Nobel Prize has lost its reputation and more) * * * * * Click Here

"Literally speaking, bad brains lead to bad behaviour"
Adrian Raine
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Mapping the Structural Core of Human Cerebral Cortex. Click Here and Here and Here

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We can put an end to the violence by electing leaders who posess a conscience and who can feel empathy! Get to know some of the "red flags" and make it a habit to question a persons motives as well as verify information you hear about others.

Treat others the way you, yourself, want to be treated! 

Although I try to stay away from politics, due to things such as "spy laws" and lately, filtering the internet, I have had no choice as we find psychopaths in all walks of life.
Sweden ceased being a democracy on June 19, 2008, as the government voted to pass a law (FRA-lagen) which makes it legal for them to scan and store all mobile- and internet taffic coming into and/or leaving the country.  The law will go into effect January 1, 2009.  Loud protests from the people did not concern govenment officials. Parallels to former East Germany/A police state can be drawn.
For more info.see, 'Yes' to surveillance law Click Here
More info. - Spy Law - Swedes outraged over new e-mail snooping law. Huffington Post, July 1, 2008. Click Here
Click Here ACLU Sues Over Unconstitutional Dragnet Wiretapping Law (7/10/2008) "Spying on Americans without warrants or judicial approval is an abuse of government power - and that's exactly what this law allows." (The FISA Amendments Act of 2008)
"Remember, a need for absolute power over others is a core trait of the psychopath."
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"Definition: pathocracy (n)."
"A system of government created by a small pathological minority that takes control over a society of normal people (from Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes, by Andrew Lobaczewski)."
Click Here Book Review Click Here Video: Political Ponerology Click Here
Why Tyrants Go Too Far: Malignant Narcissism and Absolute Power Click Here

"Those psychopaths have a distinct a tendency toward sadism and derive perverse gratification from humiliating and/or psychologically and sometimes physically harming others."

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You are not alone!

"Psychopathic killers, however, are not mad, according to accepted legal and psychiatric standards. Their acts result not from a deranged mind but from a cold, calculating rationality combined with a chilling inability to treat others as thinking, feeling human beings. Such morally incomprehensible behavior, exhibited by a seemingly normal person, leaves us feeling bewildered and helpless."

Dr. Robert D. Hare
Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us

"The majority of people and therefore workplaces are easy prey, because we still want to believe that people are inherently good. We don't really want to believe that such people exist."
Dr. Robert Hare

NEW! "Snakes in Suits" now also in; Finish, German and Japenese Dr. Robert Hare's Homepage."Welcome to Without Conscience - the website devoted to the study of psychopathy". På denna sida kan man få information om Dr. Hare's checklista, information beträffande den senaste forskningen om psykopater, artiklar, boktips, länkar till vidare läsning och forskning.

Click Here Predators; Learn how to identify the clues behind the behavior of these deadly social preditors. By; Dr. Robert Hare, Psychology Today, Jan/Feb 94.

The Smear Campaign of the Abuser
"I think we can all relate to the way our abusers resort to spreading lies, malicious projection, finger-pointing, backstabbing, false rumours by factless innuendo and cruel insinuation and recruiting allies who join the abusers to augment his smear campaign." (Remember, the abuser can be a woman too.)
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Some more on the subject. . . . .

"If you know the person he is telling you something strange about, compare the accusation with your own observations. A narcissist will have ignored that person's real faults and smeared one of his or her virtues as a vice! And, if you know the narcissist, you'll find the narcissist himself is guilty of the very thing he's accusing this other person of."
Vandalizes Others' Images
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"The Smear Campaign: Conning the victim’s friends, family and anyone else the psychopath can think of. Most psychopaths engage in the smear campaign, and it makes one wonder if they all slide out of the womb clutching the same edition of a psychopathy handbook. So, be prepared for the psychopaths attempt to tarnish your reputation and paint himself as the victim of you. But the psychopaths smear campaign is not limited to just his romantic relationships. The psychopath will also engage in smear tactics with people they work with and wish to undermine, or anyone else they perceive to be an obstacle or who they feel have crossed them in some manner." More Here

Click Here This Charming Psychopath-How to spot social predators before they attack. Av; Robert Hare, Psychology Today, Jan/Feb 94. Last Reviewed 15 Oct 2007. En lite äldre artikel men väl så intressant. I dag har vi, tack vare fMRI, betydligt bättre insikt i problematiken.

Click Here USC Study Finds Faulty Wiring In Psychopaths, University Of Southern California, March 11, 2004.

Click Here Profile Av; Katherine Ramsland, Ph.D. Om Dr. Robert Hare.

"These are callous, cold-blooded individuals," Hare said.
Click Here

Click Here PSYCHOPATHS AMONG US. Av; Robert Hercz.

Click Here Snakes In Suits: When Psychopaths Go To Work. By; Paul Babiak, Ph.D. and Robert D. Hare, Ph.D. Here an interview with Ann Curry, video Click Here

Click Here The Corporation - A film by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbot and Joel Bakan.

Click Here THE NATURE OF THE CORPORATION Av; Dr. Robert D. Hare U. of British Columbia Psychology Professor and FBI's to consulting psychologist on psychopaths.

Click Here The Corporation: documentary trailer

Click Here What is a Psychopath? By; Katherine Ramsland, Ph.D.

Click Here Neurobiological basis of psychopathy Av; James R. Blair, PhD The British Journal of Psychiatry (2003) 182: 5-7.

"Some psychopaths occupy a prison cell. Others occupy a
corner office. Both are dangerous.

Click Here

Click Here The Violent Brain By; Daniel Strueber, Monika Lueck and Gerhard Roth, Scientific American, December 2006. Older article but still excellent reading.

Click Here Parenting the At Risk Child. An antisocial personality disorder such as psychopathy is genetic and so, if you fear that your child may be at risk, please visit Dr. Liane J. Leedom's site Parenting the At Risk Child. Here you will find support, information and help. Very informative!

Klicka Här Psychopathy: Theory, Research and Implications for Society By David J. Cooke, Adelle E. Forth, Robert D. Hare - 1998 - Psychology - 428 pages.

Click Here The Childhood Psychopath: Bad Seed or Bad Parents? By; Katherine Ramsland, Ph.D. Chapters include; 1. Bad Seed: The Fledgling Psychopath 2. Born or Made? Theories of Psychopathy. 3. Childhood Disorders High Risk? 4. Risk Assessment 5. Can We Turn the Tide?

Click Here Inside the mind of a psychopath. Cardiff University, 28 May 2003. "Dr Nicola Gray and colleagues at Cardiff University’s School of Psychology subjected psychopathic murderers to a modified version of the Implicit Association Test, which is designed to reveal carefully concealed prejudices about violence."

* * * * * * * * * * *
Tim Field's site about bullying, a must read for all who have been targeted or those interested in really finding out the true nature of bullying.
Click Here and Here

Also, the school bully Click Here

* * * * * * * * * * *

Click Here Violence viewed by psychopathic murderers By; Nicola S. Gray, Malcolm J. MacCulloch, Jennifer Smith, Mark Morris, Robert J. Snowden, School of Psychology, Cardiff University. NATURE, Vol. 423, 29 May, 2003.

Click Here Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: the invisible injury By; David Kinchin is an excellent book for those who have been psychologically abused. " Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a natural emotional reaction to a deeply shocking and disturbing experience."

Click Here "Andrea Adams, broadcaster and journalist,. was the first person to recognise the. significance of workplace bullying"

Click Here Restraining the Workplace Bully By Richard Morris, 05 November 2007.

"The main lesson I have learnt is that when dealing with a sociopath, the normal rules of etiquette do not apply. You are dealing with someone who has no empathy, no conscience, no remorse, and no guilt...It is a completely different mindset. Words like 'predator' and 'evil' are often used."
Tim Field
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The serial bully
Click Here
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"Kids with conduct disorder, callous-unemotional
traits exhibit brain abnormality seen in adult psychopaths"

Click Here

Click Here A Test for Evil Diskussion om hurvida man skall låta dömda pedofiler få permission med bl.a. Dr. Hare.

Click Here Distinctive Brains of Psychopaths By; Paul Kaihla and Chris Wood. Maclean's, January 22, 1996. Old article but still interesting reading. Today we know a great deal more about these individuals through research for more info. see; forskning/research

Click Here Dancing With Devils Av; Anastasia Toufexis; Psychology Today, May/Jun 99.

"Remember, a need for absolute power over others is a core trait of the psychopath."
Click Here

Click Here What Is a Psychopath? Special Research Project of the Quantum Future Group, Cassiopaea, Laura Knight-Jadczyk. *

Click Here Psychopath vs. Antisocial Personality Disorder and Sociopathy, Cassiopaea, Discussion Excerpts: Robert Hare. *

"Each dichotomous split and pattern of lying is indicative of a different personality disorder, but the most common pattern is a desire to dupe or deceive those perceived as "good" people, to rob them of their "goodness", as it were, and to further deprive them of any moral right to feel victimized."
Click Here

Click Here The Profile: Feelings and Relationships Av; Dr. Robert D. Hare.

Click Here How Psychopaths View Their World At this site you will find a wealth of information. You can also download Hervey Cleckley's book, the Mask of Sanity - for free!

Click Here Psychopathy and Antisocial Personality Disorder: A Case of Diagnostic Confusion Av; Robert D. Hare, Ph.D. Psychiatric Times, Februari, 1996, Vol XIII, Issue 2 Also; Click Here


Unfortunately, there are some websites that are spreading false/misinformation about bullying in which the real victim is being blamed again. The arrogance of these so called "experts" presents a great danger to the real victims of bullying and in finding a solution to the problem. People who bully/psychologically harass others, young or old very often have antisocial traits or a full blown antisocial personality disorder such as psychopathy, when caught these individuals will turn around and claim that they are being "bullied". These are the individuals to watch out for as they will turn around and cause harm to others and even kill, NOT the "real" victim. The real victim is far too mature to engage in this kind of immature and vindictive behavior and furthermore, the real victim has a conscience and is able to feel empathy, bullies lack these traits. Here are some of the many good sites that offer help;
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
*Please note that arrogance and blaming others are antisocial traits!

Click Here Psychopathy vs. ASPD (Antisocial Personality Disorder) Av: Joseph P. Caverly.

Click Here Coping with workplace psychos Av; Jay MacDonald,, 13 april, 2005.

Click Here ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY--PART I, Harvard Mental Health Letter, December 2000. Psychopath Early Warning Web Page.

Click Here THE PSYCHOPATH NEXT DOOR... Av; Caroline Konrad, September 1999.

"They’re cunning, manipulative, untrustworthy, unethical, parasitic, and utterly remorseless. There’s nothing they won’t do, and no one they won’t exploit, to get what they want."
Click Here

Click Here Definitions of the behavior that indicates sociopathic tendencies By; H. Mallett.

Click Here ABOUT NARCISSISM/ Psychopathy.

Click Here CNN LARRY KING LIVE Topic; Inside The Minds Of Psychopaths, Aired, May 4, 2005 (21:00 ET).

Click Here
What makes a sexual predator? Av; Matt Crenson - Associated Press.

Click Here
Psychologist adds scientific insight to loaded label of 'psychopath' Publicerad, 28 juni, 2006.

"Sometimes reality can be much more frightening that fiction!"
Understanding The Psychopath: Separating Fact From Fiction
Av; David A. Webb
Click Here
Se även hans hemsidor/ His other sites;
Click Here
Click Here

Click Here Emotional/Verbal Abuse and BPD "Emotional abuse is insidious. It can be worse than physical abuse". "Känslomässig misshandel är lömsk. Den kan vara värre än fysisk misshandel".

What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) refers to feelings of anxiety caused by a harmful, intense or tragic experience, such as rape, robbery or exposure to combat during war. People with PTSD tend to reexperience a traumatic event, associate things and events in everyday life with that occurrence, and have trouble coping with the rush of emotions that comes with their recollection of the experience.

Click Here

Click Here En rad olika artiklar så som; The Nature of Truth, The Spectrum of Evil,The Greatest Problem Facing Mankind och The Socially Adept Psychopath Av; Robert Canup.

Click Here EXCERPTS FROM "PEOPLE OF THE LIE" Av; M. Scott Peck MD och i sin tur av; The Painful Truth,

A psychopath use his/her own children just the same way he/she use everyone else in his/her life.
For more information see; Föräldrar med störning

Click Here The psychopaths in suits By Joanna Hill-Tout, BBC News Online, 14 January 2004. "I don't see any difference between the people I meet in prison and those in business"


"Recent scientific studies show that genetics puts a child at substantial risk for developing ADHD, addiction and antisocial behavior."
Click Here

Click Here Eight Ways to Spot Emotional Manipulation Av; Laura Knight Jadczyk (Åtta sätt att uppdaga känslomässig manipulation)

Click Here Beware the [Political] Psychopath, My Son. By; Clinton Callahan (May 12th, 2008)

Click Here SEXUAL SADISM: Rape, Necrophilia, Cannibalism, Fetishism.

Click Here PERSONALITY DISORDERS IN THE PARANOID-NARCISSISTIC SPECTRUM ; Personlighetsstörningar i detta sprektrum; Paranoid, Narcissistisk, Anti-social, Psykopatisk och Sadistisk.

Click Here ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY, SOCIOPATHY, AND PSYCHOPATHY , Informativ sida med många bra länkar.

Click Here Psychopathy and the Characteristics of a Cult Leader *

"Stalkers are like naughty third graders. They don't care what kind of attention they get, as long as it's attention."
Click Here

Click Here Welcome to NationMaster, a massive central data source and a handy way to graphically compare nations.

Click Here (Developmental Program on Personality and Psychopathology)

Click Here Spotting psychopaths at work, BBC News, December, 2004.

"Harassment is all about power and control. It's about one person, or a group of people being able to take power and control from another person. We want to put your personal power and control back into your hands."
For more info; Click Here

Click Here Beware: danger at work. The Guardian, September 27, 2004.

Click Here Catching the corporate psychopath. Human Resources Magazine, 15 June 2005.

"Interesting you should ask that question the brain scan data have revealed vindictive emotions in people with psychopathic traits. The frontal lobe pleasure centers light up when they see someone they dislike getting punished."
written by Liane Leedom, M.D.
Click Here

Click Here Bullying, depression, and suicidal ideation in Finnish adolescents: school survey. Older study (1999) but still of interest as one can see the ties to Antisocial personality disorder and depression and the emotional stress put on a "victim" by bullying. (Done by blaming the "victim"). In short; the "bully" tries to "escape" his/her own source of depression by "attacking" and placing it on the "victim". See, projection projisering (see; links in English toward the end of the page)

Click Here How to spot the office psychos - For them, work is a game of manipulation in order to gain influence, sex, power or money By; Lianne George, MACLEANS, May 29, 2006.

"Since I had a baby with my second husband; three innocent children were victims of my marital disaster. I had done the unthinkable, chosen a husband who could have really hurt my precious children, and caused us all to have to cope with unthinkable stress. I felt intense fear when I realized what my ex-husband is – a psychopath."
Liane J.Leedom M.D.
If you think your partner, male or female has an antisocial personality disorder please click on the links below:

Click Here
and Here

Click Here "Sociopath or Sociopaths; Psychopath or Psychopaths - recommended literature, diagnosis, other related disorders, effect on society, links and articles." Sida med många bra länkar.

Click Here Cyber Stalking: Psychopaths on the Web By; Stephen DeVoy.

Click Here Snakes In Suits: When Psychopaths Go To Work.

Click Here A Look At Evil's Face Av; Katherine Ramsland

"Sociopaths lie, cheat, steal and even kill
Then they move on to the next victim"

Click Here

Click Here The secret meetings that set James's killers free , Guardian Unlimited Special reports, Sunday June 24, 2001.

Click Here The "Not Me" Myth: Orwell and the Mind Av; Margaret Thaler Singer, Ph.D., Emeritus Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Psychology, University of California, Berkeley. January 19, 1996. Till minne av - Click Here

Click Here The National Center for Victims of Crime "Helping Crime Victims Rebuild Their lives.

Click Here Mask of Sanity

Click Here Mugged by Reality Av; Eugene H. Methvin.

"Stalking: Real Fear, Real Crime"
Click Here

Click Here Bullied to Death Av; Jolynn V. Carney, School Psychology International, Vol. 21, No. 2, 213-223 (2000)

Click Here Exceptional memory for dates and weather in a schizoid psychopath. Av; J.P. Robertson.

Click Here Catching the corporate psychopath. Human Resources, 15 June 2005. (Australia)

Click Here SANCTUARY FOR THE ABUSED Mycket informativ sida med artiklar och länkar i syfte att stödja dem som fått agera "måltavla" för narcissistens vrede.

Den som tror att man kan "bota" psykopater är mycket naiv.
Psychopaths can learn how to perfect their crimes from prison therapy programs."
Mary Ellen O'Toole, FBI special agent
Click Here

Click Here Fantasys Integral Role In Creation Of A Monster

Click Here Eight Easy Ways to Spot an Emotional Manipulator Av; Fiona McColl.

Click Here If a narcissist threatens your life will they follow through with it?

Click Here Innateness and Moral Psychology Av; Shaun Nichols.

Click Here Debate 04 - What should we do with psychopaths? Maudsley Debates

Internet Safety For Children
Click Here

Click Here Is Your Boss a Psychopath? Alan Deutschman, Fast Company, Juli 2005, sid. 44. (See links below for a quiz and feedback) *

Click Here Quiz: Is Your Boss a Psychopath? By; Fast Company Staff (Related to the article above) *

Click Here Feedback By; Fast Company Staff (Related to the article and quiz above) *

"Organized stalking is mobbing which has 'leaked' from the workplace into the community."
Click Here but also Here

Click Here The Journal of the American Medical Association

Click Here American Psychological Association

Click Here Just Fight On! A not-for-profit anti-bullying organisation

"Stress, Injury to health; Trauma, PTSD"
Click Here

Click Here Communication with Corporate Psychopaths, Softpanorama.

Click Here Liar, liar ... Sometimes, truth hurts Av; Amy White.

Click Here Scott Peterson Trial: A Travesty Av; Chuck Fasst, 28 juni, 2004. " The innocent public deserves to know more. I fear present day society is only seeing the tip of the iceberg!"

Click Here Getting Real; Speak your peace.

"James Blair: The part about the impairment of emotion, yes; the part about the extremely clever person, no. The average IQ that we see in our studies is less than the healthy, normal population. There’s nothing about psychopathy that’s linked with intelligence."
Click Here

Click Here Of Criminals And CEOs The difference between bold, creative visionaries and deluded psychopaths is not as big as it used to be. Av; By Tara Pepper, Newsweek International, Aug. 29, 2005.

Click Here What is a psychopath? Psychopath in Your Life. Psychopath in the Family.

Click Here Psychopathic C.E.O.'s Av; By Michael Steinberger, New York Times, December 12, 2004.

Koll på sexförbrytare och kvinnomisshandlare med GPS.
Delstaten New Jersey i USA fick en ny lag i mitten av augusti, 2007 varpå man nu kan hålla koll på sexförbrytare genom att förse dem med GPS (global positioning system) försedda fotbojor eftersom det bland dessa individer finns en mycket hög återfallsrisk. Liknande lagar där man övervakar sexförbrytare finns också i flera andra delstater däribland, California och Florida. I Massachusetts och Washington har man gått ett steg längre och där förser man även hustrumisshandlare med sådana fotbojor i syfte att avskräcka dem från att komma i närheten av sina respektive partners och eventuella barn. Man kan på detta sätt också meddela partnern i tid, om oönskat besök är på väg.
Here ; Here; Here; Here

Click Here Emotional Manipulation, Recognize the signs "It all boils down to his fear of losing power & control". "Det handlar i grund och botten om makt och kontroll"

Click Here Recovery ... För att kunna börja läka så måste du först förstå vad du har blivit utsatt för.

Click Here Ask Dr. Dan , Dan Neuharth Ph.D. författare till boken, If You Had Controlling Parents svarar på frågor.

Click Here Life Challenges; Healing Mind and Spirit En sida som har kommit till för att hjälpa andra som genomgår en svår period i sitt liv.

Click Here Clues to a murderer's mind BBC News.

Click Here Is your boss a 'corporate psycho'? BBC News - U.K.

"Silence is the air that bullying breathes,
Denial the water it drinks and passivity its sustenance.
Only together can we make life difficult for bullies."

"Only a life lived for others is worth living."
Albert Einstein

Click Here Hate Av; Joseph Geringer Berättelse om seriemördaren och nekrofilen, George Walterfield Russell

Clicka Here The Serial Bully "How to spot signs and symptoms of serial bullies, sociopaths and psychopaths including the sociopathic behaviour of the industrial psychopath and the corporate psychopath" Av; Tim Field

Click Here The Role of the Psychopath in the Generation of Global Evil Av; Laura Knight Jadczyk (Dec. 17, 2005)

Click Here The Profile: Feelings and Relationships Av; Dr. Robert D. Hare, Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)

"Psychopathy is not the same as psychosis either. The latter is characterized by an inability to differentiate what is real from what is imagined boundaries ..."
Click Here

Click Here Is Truth Defamatory? (Kan sanning vara ärekränkande?)

Click Here Inside the psychopath Moving ahead on diagnosis and possible treatment Av; Carey Goldberg, Globe Staff, 7/15/2003

Click Here The Predator's Gaze - Scientists explore the frightening world of psychopaths Av; Bruce Bower , Science News Online, Dec. 9, 2006 ; Vol. 170, No. 24 , p. 379.

Click Here Neural foundations to moral reasoning and antisocial behavior. By; Adrian Raine and Yaling Yang. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, September, 2006 1(3):203-213.

Click Here Links of Wisdom.

"Predators Don't Care"
Get some Insight into their world
Before one Destroys your world.

Click Here

Click Here Murder " WE MUST NOT FORGET AND WE MUST STOP STANDING BACK!" Barn som blivit mördade i Kanada.

Click Here The Devil in human form (Djävulen i mänsklig form) Kort historia om de bestialiska mördarna Karla Homolka och Paul Bernardo.

Click Here A cognitive developmental approach to morality: investigating the psychopath Av; R.J.R. Blair, Cognition, Volume 57, Number 1, October 1995 , pp. 1-29(29).

Click Here Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine

Click Here What is a Psychopath? Artiklar, nyheter, forum mm.

Click Here Psychiatric News "Newspaper of the American Psychiatric Association."

Click Here Do criminal psychopaths enjoy other peoples fear or just not notice it? By; Julia Layton, howstuffworks, December 7, 2006.

"There is an unfortunate attitude that you must be weak if you are a target, but the opposite is true."
Tim Field
Click Here

Click Here Profile of the Sociopath

Click Here Quackwatch "Your Guide to Quackery, Health Fraud, and Intelligent Decisions, Operated by Stephen Barrett, M.D." Som inom alla områden "så är inte allt som glimmar guld". Även inom medicin och medicinsk forskning så finns det bluffmakare. Denna sida fösöker att hålla jämn takt med bluffmakarna.

Click Here Ponerology -the science of the study of evil. Läs gärna Laura Knight Jadczyk inlägg om Sam Vaknin, en individ som själv säger sig vara narcissist men som nu hjälper andra som blivit traumatiserade genom en interaktion med en psykopat, någon diagnostiserad med sjuklig narcissism eller en antisocial personlighetsstörning. Vaknin florerar flitigt på nätet där han ger "råd" samt vill sälja sin bok. Man bör vara mycket vaksam på dessa "råd" och ta dem med "en nypa salt".

Click Here Psychological abuse. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. På sidan finns även många bra länkar.

Click Here Group psychological abuse Av; William V. Chambers, Ph.D.

Click Here How Serial Killers Work By; Shanna Freeman, howstuffworks.

Click Here Genetic and Environmental Influences on Criminal Behavior. Av; Caitlin M. Jones, Rochester Institute of Technology. Intressant läsning gällande gener, miljöpåverkan och ett kriminellt beteende.

För poliser av en polis.
Bruce Rodgers har bl.a. arbetat som polis i över 16 år, har en examen i psykologi samt skrivit boken, Psychological Aspects of Police Work: An Officer's Guide to Street Psychology. Han säger att det finns många viktiga tecken som kan hjälpa en polis att identifiera en individ med en antisocial personlighetsstörning så som t.ex. psykopati. I sin artikel, Helpful Hints: Psychopathic Behavior, delar han med sig några av sina råd och tips.
Click Here

Click Here Diskussion om barn och ADD och ADHD Av; Fanaile Essence.

Click Here Psychopath Av; Dr. David B. Adams Ph.D., F.A.A.C.P. Eftersom psykopaten inte kan känna någon skuld så tar han/hon inget ansvar för sina handlingar. Psykopaten ser inget fel med sig själv och kommer därför inte att söka någon vård för sitt anti-sociala beteende.

Click Here Seeing Evil, CBS News, Jan. 16, 2001. Mycket bra och informativ intervju med Park Dietz.

Click Here The Difference Between "Sick" and "Evil" Av; Andrew Vachss.

Click Here The psychopathic offender - How identifying the traits can solve cases. Gazette, Vol. 66, Issue 3, 2004.

Click Here Low platelet MAO activity associated with high dysfunctional impulsivity and antisocial behavior: evidence from drunk drivers Av; Diva Eensoo, Marika Paaver, Aleksander Pulver, Maarike Harro and Jaanus Harro. Psychopharmacology, Volume 172, Number 3 / March, 2004 Pages 356-358. For more research Click Here and scroll down past the swedish text for, latest research, articles and more.

"The Aliens Among Us"
"This article is intended to alert you (assuming you’re not already alerted) to the ubiquity and horrific characteristics of psychopaths, both for your personal protection and for an appreciation of what psychopaths might be doing in the world around us." Below; Martha Stout’s Six Rules for Identifying and Dealing with Psychopaths;

1. Suspect flattery.
2. Take labels with a grain of salt.
3. Always question authority when it conflicts with your own sense of right and wrong.
4. Never agree to help a psychopath conceal his or her suspicious activities at work.
5. If you are afraid of your boss, never confuse this feeling with respect.
6. Realistically assess the damage to your life.
Click Here

Click Here "This glossary is the result of networking and joint effort of many readers of Signs of the Times and other web sites sharing similar point of view, namely that Knowledge Protects."

Click Here Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience "The ICN is an interdisciplinary research institute at UCL. It studies how mental processes relate to the human brain, in health and disease, for adults and children."

Click Here Psychopaths' brains 'different' Psykopaten hjärna skiljer sig från människor med ett samvete och som kan känna empati.

Click Here What makes a psychopath?

Click Here Health Warning over psychopath detention orders. BBC News, February 15, 1999.

Click Here The extreme regressive reaction of a psychopath Av; Geoffrey Neil Conacher och Russel Leroy Fleming.

"One deceit needs many others, and so the whole house is built in the air and must soon come to the ground."
Baltasar Gracian

Click Here The serial bully - How to spot signs and symptoms of serial bullies, sociopaths and psychopaths including the sociopathic behaviour of the industrial psychopath and the corporate psychopath. Av; Tim Field.

Click Here Addressing Homophobic Bullying - Issues in Education Av; James T Sears PhD, Penn Stare University. Homofobi och psykisk trakassering /mobbning.

Click Here A Lifetime of Distractions, Health Centers: ADHD, Harvard Health Publications.

Click Here Cult Survivors Handbook :How to Live in the Material World Again Av; Nori J. Muster

"With courage you will dare to take risks, have the strength
to be compassionate and the wisdom to be humble. Courage is
the foundation of integrity."

Dr. Keshavan Nair

Click Here No Easy Answer Av; Lee Moldaver. Santa Barbara Independent, 09-01-2006. Svar på artikel.

Click Here An American Obsession . . . the Psychopath Av; Ken Windish. Mycket information och många bra länkar för vidare läsning.

Click Here Assistance for Women who have experienced Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, School and Online Av; Mystic Unicorn. Hjälp för kvinnor som har har blivit Sexuell trakasserade på arbetsplatsen, i skolan och på nätet. Mycket informativ sida!

Click Here Bullies push their victims to suicide The cases of two B.C. 14-year-olds show school harassment can become a matter of life and death Av; Caroline Alphonso, The Globe and Mail, November 27, 2000.

Click Here Parental Sociopathy as a Predictor of Childhood Sexual Abuse Av; Azmaira Hamid Maker, Markus Kemmelmeier och Christopher Peterson Department of Psychology, University of Michigan. Publicerad i Journal of Family Violence, Vol. 14, Number 1/ March 1999. Intressant artikel som ser på relationen mellan föräldrar som är sociopater och deras benägenhet att sexuellt utnyttja barn.

"Differences between mental illness and psychiatric injury"
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Click Here No Bully For Me A campaign to support and inform the targets of workplace bullying and to promote respectful workplaces. Mycket bra och informativ sida psykisk trakassering/mobbning på arbetsplatsen skriven av, Stephen Hill som bor i Vancouver, B.C., Kanada.

Click Here Do criminal psychopaths enjoy other people's fear or just not notice it? Criminal Psychopaths Av; by Julia Layton, How stuff works - it's good to know. December 7, 2006.


Click Here Katie's Logue, Psychopath & Sociopath Disorders & Behavior.

Click Here Without Empathy Av; Catherine. Catherine skriver bl.a. om de olika tekniker som sociopaten använder sig av för att "snärja" sin blivande partner, för att få makt, pengar, kontroll och sex.

"Victims may do nothing to attract bullying - they may just be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But bullies will often target people they consider a threat - perhaps because they are good at their job or because they are popular."
Staffroom bullying By; Tim Field
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Click Here Characteristics of Psychopath (Sociopath, Anti-social Personality Disorder) “This is a fascinating clinical list. I leave it to you to apply these elements to any politician or talk show host you choose.” Följande är också mycket läsvärt; Click Here Bizaaaaaaar Family Member (Warning this is LONG)   Av; Tom ( November 17, 2006)

Click Here The addicted brain, Harvard Mental Health Letter, July 2004.

Click Here The narcissist, unmasked Av; Benedict Carey. En intressant artikel om vad som döljer sig bakom "masken" av att vara normal. Narcissistens problem/smärta mm. är "så mycket värre" än alla andras och därför är individen många gånger beroende av droger och alkohol. Rätt som det är så vaknar den här självupptagne individen upp och undrar varför alla hatar honom/henne? Narcissisten ser alla som en förlångning av sig själv. Mycket intressant läsning.

"The greatest friend of Truth is time, her greatest enemy is Prejudice, and her constant companion Humility."
Charles Caleb Colton

Click Here Psychopath Early Warning. Sidan har en del länkar av intresse.

Click Here Why Tyrants Go Too Far: Malignant Narcissism and Absolute Power Av; Betty Glad. Political Psychology, 23 (1), 1–2. Political Psychology 23 (1), 1–2. doi:10.1111/0162-895X.00268.

Click Here Red tape 'causing mental illness' . BBC NEWS, 28 November 2006.

Click Here Love and healing the power of love and social ties in our lives Genom att bry oss om varandra så ökar vårt välbeffinnande.

Click Here A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF CURRENT LITERATURE ON THE SUBJECT OF NEUROLOGICAL BRAIN DISEASES (MENTAL ILLNESSES) The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) of Massachusetts, Education Committee.

"Reasons targets are bullied"
"Fifty-eight percent are targeted because they stand up to unfair treatment by the bully
Fifty-six percent are mobbed because the bully envies the target's level of competence
Forty-nine percent are targeted simply because they are nice people
Forty-six percent are bullied because they are ethical
Thirty-nine percent are bullied because it was just their turn"
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Click Here Beyond therapy: Some evil can't be cured Av; Norman Doidge, National Post, Friday, January 07, 2000. " What, other than our wish that it be otherwise, makes us think that every human vice is treatable by some form of psychotherapy? That this wish is not just naive, but, at times, harmful is illustrated by a recent Canadian study on group treatment for 238 sex offenders (rapists, incest offenders) from Warkworth penitentiary in Ontario." - All ondska går inte att bota.

Click Here Psychopath Av; David B. Adams, Ph.D., F.A.A.C.P "When a psychopath complains of how others treat him, it should be remembered who the real victims are likely to be."

Click Here In the Grip of a Psychopath Av; Richard Lacayo, TIME, Maj, 1993."Equipped with both a creamy charm and a cold-blooded willingness to manipulate those drawn to him, Koresh was a type well known to students of cult practices: the charismatic leader with a pathological edge. He was the most spectacular example since Jim Jones, who committed suicide in 1978 with more than 900 of his followers at the People's Temple in Guyana." Lite äldre artikel om kult ledare men fortfarande av intresse.

"Cracking down on workplace harassment."
Virginia Galt, Globe and Mail, October 5, 2007.
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Click Here Psychopathic Sexual Sadists The Psychology and Psychodynamics of Serial Killers Av; Vernon J. Geberth, Practical Homicide Investigation, Law and Order, Vol. 43, No. 4, April 1995. Lite äldre artikel men av intresse ändå. Vernon J. Geberth's hemsida/Homepage; Click Here

Click Here Know the Devil in Man, Who is the Real Gayyoom? Av; Kasiri, Minevan News, Independent news for the Maldives, July 4, 2005. Intressant - Maldiverna.

Click Here Inside the Mind of a Psychopath, CogNews-What's on your mind? - Hem - Klicka på Topic - Psychology, för en rad fler artiklar av intresse.

Click Here Freedom, Resentment, and the Psychopath Av, Piers Benn. Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology 6.1 (1999) 29-39. "This paper discusses the moral responsibility of psychopaths for their anti-social actions."

Psychopaths cause negative stress - Stress Reduction And Management
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Click Here Inside the Mind of a Sociopath Av; Keith Lockstone.

Click Here When Bullies Go To Work - Employers that tolerate abuse risk lower productivity, high staff turnover, costly legal fees--and worse Av; Marjo Johne, The Globe and Mail, April 17, 2004.

Click Here Bully Managers in IT Workplace: Type 1 of Corporate Psychopaths.

Click Here 'Star Wars Kid' cuts a deal with his tormentors Av; Tu Thanh Ha, Globe and Mail, April 7, 2006.

Click Here T.O. student may be expelled over 'cyber-bullying'

Click Here Six ways to spot the workplace psychopath lurking in your office By Hazel Parry By; Hazel Parry, The raw story, March 21, 2007.

Click Here Number of Bullying Cases in Japan Rises, Associated Press - TOKYO, 11/15/07.

Click Here Recruit Carefully

"Because law makers are 'white collar' they seem to collude in attempts to avoid criminalizing white collar unethical practices. And, giving “affirmative action” to white collar criminals allows the spread of criminality until it is the new normal."
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Click Here Canadian Teachers Put Foot Down on Cyber Bullying. The Globe and Mail, July 10, 2007.

Click Here The devil wore J. Crew Av; By Sara Eckel. En intervju med Dr. Martha Stout, författaren till boken, The Sociopath Next Door: The Ruthless Versus the Rest of Us.

Click Here What is a Sociopath? Av; Garry Crystal.

Click Here Profile of the Sociopath.

Click Here Rape: Its Emotional Consequences. By; Allan N. Schwartz, LCSW, PhD on Mon, Jan 7th 2008.

Click Here Social, Emotional and Psychological Manipulation. MentalAbuse.Org

Click Here A Rorschach Investigation of Incarcerated Female Offenders With Antisocial Personality Disorder Av; Ted Cunliffe. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, Vol. 49, No. 5, 530-546 (2005)

"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it"
Martin Luther King

Click Here Wickedness shouldn't be treated as an illness Av; Alasdair Palmer., 25/08/2002. "Do I feel bad when I hurt someone?" another rapist and kidnapper is recorded as telling a psychiatrist. "Yeah, sometimes. But mostly it's just like. . . uh. . . (he laughs). I mean, how did you feel the last time you squashed a fly?" "An increasingly weighty body of expert opinion now recognises - contrary to orthodoxy - that there are people whose only defect is that they are horrible. They know when they hurt others - they just don't care." Lite äldre artikel men mycket bra.

Click Here Children With Both Autism And ADHD Often Bully, Parents Say , University of Rochester Medical Center, May 18, 2007. "Science Daily — Children with both autism and attention deficit or attention deficit hyperactivity disorders are four times more likely to bully than children in the general population, according to a study released today in the journal, Ambulatory Pediatrics."

Click Here Monsters or Victims? Av; Shirley Lynn Scott.

Click Here A Psychopath Av; Katherine Ramsland, Ph.D.

Click Here The Origins of Violence: Is Psychopathy an Adaptation? Av; Ian Pitchford Ph.D. CBiol MIBiol The Human Nature Review, 2001 Volume 1: 28-36 (5 November)

"Psychopaths & sycophants"
"A mnemonic that can be used to remember the criteria for antisocial personality disorder, ordinarily considered to be the umbrella term that includes psychopaths, is "CORRUPT"
Management Issues
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Click Here Finger length predicts physically aggressive personalities, study shows Av; By Ryan Smith, ExpressNews , March 2, 2005. Här är en udda men intressant studie gjord av Dr. Peter Hurd och Allison A. Baileya som arbetar vid, University of Alberta i Kanada som pekar på att desto kortare mellan fingret (index) är desto mer fysiskt aggressiv är mannen. En tidigare studie gjord av Dr. John Manning, University of Central Lancashire, i England visade på samma resultat. Vad det beträffar kvinnor så har man inte noterat ett liknande samband.

Click Here The Journal of Neuroscience, Washington D.C. USA. Här kan man finna en rad artiklar av intresse.

Click Here Bullies At Work By; Skip Derra.

Click Here Study Reveals Widespread Office Bully Problem By; Jeanna Bryner, Live Science, 02 April 2007.

Click Here Topic: Workplace Issues. American Psychological Association.

"For them, work is a game of manipulation in order to gain influence, sex, power or money"
How to spot the office psychos (2006)
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Click Here Relative Says Virginia Tech Shooter Was Autistic, Associated Press, April 20, 2007.

Click Here Psychopathic Personality: The Absence of Conscience Av; William L. Smith Ph. D.

Click Here The Pedophile Next Door Av; Matt Marshall "Let me break that down… if you go a large department store… you’re standing under the same roof with at least 4 psychopaths."

Victim of bullying/psychologically harassed at work?
"The feelings of helplessness, terror, and loss of control are overwhelming. Surviving post traumatic stress is easier when you know the signs of this anxiety disorder."
Click Here

Click Here The Internet Safety Report, Cutting Edge Advice For Parents, Teachers… And Anyone Concerned About Internet Safety.

Click Here AutismLink Reacts to Diagnosis of Autism in Virginia Tech Shooter

Click Here Prophets, Priests, Kings and CEOs - Can the Problem Be Mental Illness? Av; Dennis Diehl.

Click Here SWEDEN MOBBNING BULLYING (något vi kanske bör arbeta på för att förändra!)

Click Here Warning over workplace psychopaths Av; Jade Bilowol, The Voice of Tasmania - Mercury, 14 juni, 2007. Psykopaten på arbetsplatsen är betydligt farligare än den som sitter inspärrad säger Dr. John Clarke som arbetar som psykoterapeut i Sydney, Australien.

Click Here Is that a psychopath sitting next to you? Av; Samantha Baden, Industrial Reporter SYDNEY, March 2 AAP.- Artikel

What is the difference between a narcissist and a sociopath?
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Click Here He Loves Me Not? Impossible! Narcissists make notoriously bad life partners. But their talent for deflecting negative feedback may help their relationships run smoothly in the short term. Av; Carlin Flora. Psychology Today Magazine, Jul/Aug 2005. Artikel.

Click Here Psychology and Crime News A place to collate information of interest in a forensic psychological context. Flera länkar till en rad olika tidskrifter mm. - psykologi.

Click Here Scientist 'proves' that rapists and murderers are born evil. By; Robert Mendick, The Independent, 9 July 2000.

Click Here The Brain-Disordered Defendant: Neuroscience and Legal Insanity in the Twenty-First Century. Av; Richard E. Redding (2006)

Click Here PSYCHOPATH "Psychopaths tend to be lacking in what is considered conscience, are unable to form emotional attachments (even to friends or family), are quite impulsive, and are only self-interested." (sociologi)

"Stalkers who are also psychopaths, Meloy says, experience only low levels of empathy or an absence of it altogether.  Their relationships tend to be sadistic, based in power over others." 
Click Here

Click Here Autism, Empathy and Moral Agency Av; Jeanette Kennett, The Philosophical Quarterly, Volume 52 Issue 208 Page 340-357, July 2002. "Psychopaths have long been of interest to moral philosophers. . ."

Click Here Personality and Aggressive Behavior Under Provoking and Neutral Conditions: A Meta-Analytic Review Av; B. Ann Bettencourt och Amelia Talley (University of Missouri—Columbia), Arlin James Benjamin (Panhandle State University) och Jeffrey Valentine (Duke University). Psychological Bulletin, Vol. 132, No. 5, 751–777, 2006.

Click Here Personality disorders Av; Mayo Clinic Staff - September, 2006.

Click Here The hunt for endophenotypes Av; Sadie F. Dingfelder. Monitor on Psychology, Volume 37, No. 10 November 2006. "Psychologists are leading the charge to uncover the steps from genes to mental illness."

Click Here The Brain on the Stand Av; Jeffrey Rosen, New York Times, March 11, 2007.

Click Here Liars' brains 'are not the same' "Habitual liars' brains differ from those of honest people, a study says." BBC NEWS, 29 September 2005.

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Click Here BPD tied to enhanced emotion recognition Av; Sadie F. Dingfelder. Monitor on Psychology, Volume 37, No. 11 December 2006.

Click Here The taming of the clue Av; Laurie Meyers Monitor on Psychology, Volume 38, No. 6 June 2007. "One psychologist uses the tools of industrial/organizational psychology to help keep order in the crime lab."

Click Here Brain Chemistry Linked To Aggressive Personality. DOE/Brookhaven National Laboratory, June 5, 2007.

Click Here Traumatic Bonding with Corporate Psychopaths (Office Stockholm Syndrome) Av; Dr. Nikolai Bezroukov. Mycket bra och informativ artikel för alla som har drabbats av den här typen av våld, direkt eller indirekt.

"Circumstances don't create character, they reveal character."
Zig Ziglar

Click Here Rape Survivors Should Be Given Access To PEP To Prevent HIV Transmission, Opinion Piece Says. Medical News Today, 03 Jul 2007.

Click Here Social Aspects of Working in IT.

Click Here Harvard Mental Health - Många bra artiklar, skriv in sökord - Antisocial Personality. (Se även; Here lite äldre artiklar.)

Click Here The Depressive and the Psychopath Av; Dave Cullen, April 20, 2004.

Click Here From indirect aggression to invisible aggression: A conceptual view on bullying and peer group manipulation Av, Claire F. Garandeau och Antonius H.N. Cillessen. Aggression and Violent Behavior, Volume 11, Issue 6, November-December 2006, Pages 612-625.

Characteristics of a Psychopath
How many does yours have?

Click Here

Click Here Are you living with a socialised psychopath? Av; Robert Matthews. Lite äldre artiklar men väl så intressant läsning.

Click Here Your Colleague Is A Psychopath - Psychopathy In The Workplace Av; Tino Buntic.

Click Here The death of intimacy - A selfish, market-driven society is eroding our very humanity Av; Martin Jacques, The Guardian, September 18, 2004.

Click Here Personality Disorder Charts Av; Kathi Stringer,

Click Here Corporate Psychopaths Här kan du läsa eller lyssna till intervjun med Dr. John Clark, en av Australiens ledande experter inom området psykopati. Hans hemsida;

Click Here The Interview Room, "The Psychopath" Av; Stan B. Walters.

Click Here Psychopaths Among Us Av; Charles Neophytou The Investigator - Australia's Journal for the Investigation Industry, Issue 5, January-March, 2001.

"This is page devoted to all IT professionals who suffer from psychopathic bosses."
Click Here

Click Here Softpanorama "This is page devoted to all IT professionals who suffer from psychopathic bosses. Only those who already suffered or still suffering from one of those types can understand the level of pain as well as stakes involved in dealing with such individuals."

Click Here The psychopathic offender - How identifying the traits can solve cases. The Gazette, Vol. 66, Issue 3 2004.

Click Here Journal of Psychiatric Practice.

Click Here The important role of human integrity in society - What is evil? By; Dee Belle

Click Here Personality Disorders in the Paranoid-Narcissistic Spectrum. By; Dr. T. O'Connor.

"Domestic violence accounts for a quarter of all murders in Britain."
Click Here

Click Here En rad intressanta artiklar så som, Gene variant linked to higher risk for early antisocial behavior in at-risk kids, Fatty acids again shown to aid children with behavior problems, Iron: Too little, too much a risk for behavioral problems?, Heavy alcohol exposure before birth a risk for impaired “moral maturity,” delinquency, Genes help determine which kids thrive despite abuse och Wired to lie: Pathological liars exhibit structural differences in prefrontal white, gray matter. Crime Times, Vol.12, Number 1, 2006.

Click Here Information om antisocial personlighetsstörning samt råd och tips om hur man bör uppfostra ett barn med en sådan störning.

Click Here The Predator's Gaze Av; Bruce Bower. Science News, Dec.9, 2006, Vol. 170, No. 24, p. 379. (Artikel)

“Studies indicate that bullies are actually inept people who are not talented, maybe have a rage against themselves that they express outward toward people they see as being better than they are. It’s from a point of weakness that they express their violence toward others”
Click Here

Click Here Do criminal psychopaths enjoy other people's fear or just not notice it? Av; Julia Layton, HowStuffWorks - It's good to know, December 7, 2006.

Click Here Benefits of Being a Psychopath "Many assume everyone’s brain function similar to their own in the realm of emotion. This is a false assumption. Skribenten som själv fallit "offer" vill varna om om den här typen av "rovdjur" som bara är ute för att sko sig själv.

Caregiver stress: When helpers need help, New England Journal of Medicine, February 16, 2006; Vol. 354, pp. 719–30. This study called attention to the stress that results from caring for family members with medical and psychiatric illnesses.

Click Here What makes a sexual predator? Av; Matt Crenson, Associated Press (2005)

Click Here Do employers encourage corporate psychopaths? Management-Issues, May, 2005. "But what really jumped out as us was Dr Clark's assertion that employers aren't just failing to screen for psychopaths, they're unwittingly selecting them."

Who bulllies?
"Research into abusive personalities reveals that aggressive behavior is used to assert control over a target who is often envied for his or her talents, social skills or independence."

Click Here

Click Here Psychopath Early Warning Web Page - PREDATORS

Click Here Traumatic Bonding with Corporate Psychopaths (Office Stockholm Syndrome) Av; Dr. Nikolai Bezroukov. Mycket bra och informativ artikel för alla som har drabbats av den här typen av våld, direkt eller indirekt. Mycket bra och informativ artikel för alla som har drabbats av den här typen av våld, direkt eller indirekt.

Click Here Premeditated Mind Controll

Click Here International Journal of Forensic Mental Health

Click Here Can Criminal Psychopaths be Identified?

"How They Blend In"
Click Here

Click Here Helping Children and Adolescents Cope with Violence and Disasters Många bra länkar. National Institute of Mental Health (

Click Here The Treatment of Personality-Disordered Offenders in Germany Av; Robert L. Trestman, MD, PhD, Sabine Eucker, Dipl Psych and Rüdiger Müller-Isberner, Dr med. Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, 35:2:229-234 (2007)

Click Here Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law - Online

Click Here NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience Research. Tools, Resources and Training. "The NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience Research is a cooperative effort among the 16 NIH Institutes, Centers and Offices that support neuroscience research."

Click Here Neuroinformatics Research Update. "Reducing the burden of mental illness and behavioral disorders through research on mind, brain, and behavior."

Click Here "Devin´s Mommy" Crimeblog.US "A true crime weblog".

Click Here Iago the Psychopath. Av; Fred West, South Atlantic Bulletin, Vol. 43, No. 2, May, 1978, pp. 27-35. "he has no real insight into his own true nature." Psykopaten saknar självinsikt. Lite äldre artikel men väl så intressant.

"Some sociopaths are so cunning, so manipulative and so vicious, that it's possible the husband was orchestrating a grand scheme for this woman to take her own life. Dr. Leedom calls it “murder by suicide.”
Click Here

Click Here Child Custody Discussion - Re: Why psychopath parents are so successful in Court. (27 Apr 2002)

Click Here Abuse: Emotional, mental, verbal, psychological, and physical abuse as it applies to men, women, children, and pregnant women. Mental, emotional, psychological, and verbal abuse often turns into physical abuse.

Click Here An AmericanObsession ... the Psychopath, By Ken Windish.

Click Here Mental Stress May Lead To Heart Disease. ScienceDaily (Jan. 11, 2006)

Click Here National Institute of Mental Health "Senate Appropriations: Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies SubcommitteeHearing to examine proposed budget estimates for fiscal year 2008 for mind, brain and behavioral research at NIH."

Click Here Classification of Corporate Psychopaths "This is page devoted to all IT professionals who suffer from psychopathic bosses. Only those who already suffered or still suffering from one of those types can understand the level of pain as well as stakes involved in dealing with such individuals." Soft Panorama.

Click Here Länk till tidskriften, Archives of General Psychiatry

"Another typical tactic of the psychopath is to blame the victim for what they do themselves."
Click Here

Click Here The Aliens Among Us Av; Bob Seitz, March 18, 2006. Intressant läsning.

Click Here Childhood bullies: is it in the genes? Crime Times.

Click Here Psychiatric Disorders Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV) AllPsych ONLINE - The Virtual Psychology Classroom.

Click Here Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research - WHO Collaborating Centre in Education and Research in Human Reproduction
Click Here Violence - Guidelines, reviews, statements, recommendations, standards. Obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive medicine guidelines.

Click Here 'The Ethical Brain': Mind Over Gray Matter By Sally Satel, New York Times, June 19, 2005.

"Literally speaking, bad brains lead to bad behaviour"
Adrian Raine
Click Here

Click Here The Sexual Predator - Law and Public Policy - Clinical Practice Volume III Av; Anita Schlank, Civic Research Institute (CRI), Kingston, N.J. (2006)

Click Here Myths about Mental Illness By; Bartlett-McWeeney, The Nassau Guardian, 2006. "The person diagnosed as being psychopathic can hurt people and not feel any remorse about the harm he has done to others."

Click Here The Nature of the Psychopath - An In-Depth Look at Psychopathy (Article)

Click Here What Can Neuroscience Tell Us about Evil? Advanced brain-imaging techniques have begun to point to specific brain patterns common among sociopaths. By Richard Brandt, Technology Review, April 24, 2007.

Click Here BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY - A Journal of Psychiatric Neuroscience and Therapeutics A Publication of the Society of Biological Psychiatry. "This international rapid-publication journal is the official journal of the Society of Biological Psychiatry."

"Psychopaths can learn how to perfect their crimes from prison therapy programs"
Mary Ellen O'Toole

Click Here In any event, Mackay may have been stopped somewhere along the way before three (or more) people were murdered. A system that allows this to happen needs to police itself and make a plan for improvement. (Om seriemördaren, Patrick Mackay) Unchecked Aggression, kap. 16, Dangerousness Av; Katherine Ramsland, Ph.D.
Click Here

Click Here Intervju with Dr. Sachy Also, see below;
Click Here Murder On His Mind - Can Scientific Images Show What's In The Mind Of A Murderer?

Click Here Neighbours From Hell in Britain (NFHiB)

Click Here Higher Rates Of Personality Disorders In Nose Job Candidates. American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery (AAOHNS) 05 Jul 2007.

Click Here Beware: danger at work - psychopathic colleagues, March 11, 2007. (Blog)

"their pleasure in the misfortune of others is unquenchable."
Click Here

Click Here The Brain on the Stand. Av; Jeffrey Rosen, New York Times, March 11, 2007.

Click Here Helpful Hints: Psychopathic Behavior Av; Bruce Rodgers, Ph.D. " There are several important signs to help police officers recognize the possibility that they are dealing with a psychopath." (May 31 2007)

Click Here Long-term outcomes after discharge from medium secure care: a cause for concern. Av; Steffan Davies, Martin Clarke, Clive Hollin, och Conor Duggan. The British Journal of Psychiatry, Jul 2007; 191: 70 - 74. ( The British Journal of Psychiatry)

Click Here How to spot a psychopath at work, BBC NEWS, 19 August 2004. " How well do you know your colleagues' personalities? "

Click Here Are you sitting next to the office psycho? Daily Mail, August, 2004.

Click Here Betrayal of trust. "Trust is fundamental to society, without trust, society could not function." (July 2007)

Click Here Essential psychopaths, "They learn to recognize each other in a crowd as early as childhood, and they develop an awareness of the existence of other individuals similar to them. They also become conscious of being different from the world of those other people surrounding them. They view us from a certain distance, like a para-specific variety."

"Some sociopaths are so cunning, so manipulative and so vicious, that it’s possible the husband was orchestrating a grand scheme for this woman to take her own life. Dr. Leedom calls it “murder by suicide.”
Click Here

Click Here Spree killings and spree killers Av; Tim Field

Click Here Dimentional Versus Categorical Classification of Mental Disorders in the fifth Edition if the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and Beyond: Comment on Special Section Av; Timothy A, Brown och David H Barlow, Boston University Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 2005, Vol. 114, No. 4, 551-556.

Click Here Corporate Psychopaths (05/05/2005) Australia

Click Here Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Click Here QUOTABLE: Felicity Lawrence Om Omega 3 och våldsamma alkoholister. October 17, 2006.

"Bundy could never understand why people couldn't accept the fact that he killed because he wanted to kill,"
Click Here

Click Here MRI hints at abnormality in psychopathic ADHD children, Crime Times "Magnetic resonance imaging volumetric analysis of the putamen in children with ADHD: combined type versus control," T. M. Wellington, M. Semrud-Clikeman, A. L. Gregory, J. M. Murphy, and J. L. Lancaster, Journal of Attention Disorders, Vol. 10, No. 2, November 2006.

Click Here Watching a Single Thought Form in the Brain New techniques to capture single thought processes open up new possibilities for neuro-imaging. By Emily Singer, Technology Review, September 06, 2006.

"Profile of the Sociopath"

Click Here (European Crime Prevention Network EUCPN)

Click Here Sweden OKs prison porn for rape convicts, USA TODAY, 2007-06-26. Skrämmande! (Scary!)

Click Here Swedish prisons "full of psychopaths" The local - Sweden's News in English.

Click Here Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology.

Click Here The European Journal of Pharmacology The journal "publishes full-length papers, short communications and rapid communications on the mechanisms of action of chemical substances affecting biological systems." Studier - Antisocial Personlighetsstörning se; Click Here

"Having endured firsthand the experiences of a victim; I can certainly see why work-related stress is so wide spread and why the use of antidepressants is at an all time high."
Click Here

Click Here Development and Psychopathology I Development and Psychopathology (September 2007, issue 4) finns en rad studer av intresse beträffande arv och miljö.

Click Here The International Labour Organization (ILO)

Click Here Safe Work, Violence at Work. The International Labour Organization. Several articles - violence at work.

Click Here The Cost of violence/Stress at work and the benefits of a violence/strss-free working environment.

Click Here Research Links Lead Exposure, Criminal Activity Av; Shankar Vedantam, Washington Post, July 8, 2007.

Click Here Pedophilia Patients Are Found To Have Deficits In Brain Activation Källa; Elsevier 22 Sep 2007. Pedofiler har skador på hjärnan och är mycket svårbehandlade.

Click Here Heroic DVD portrayals: What US and Taiwanese adolescents admire and understand Av; Sandra L. Calvert, Katherine J. Murray och Emily E. Conger. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology Volume 25, Issue 6, November-December 2004, Pages 699-716.

"After a bullycide, a school's ethos becomes clear through the way it tries to minimise damage to its image, including denials that there's any bullying at all. In some cases prevailing values are revealed as a school tries to evade responsibility through discrediting the dead child and vilifying the bereaved family."
Tim Field
Click Here

Click Here Pregnant women’s exposure to second-hand smoke linked to conduct disorder, ADHD in their children. Crime Times (2007)

Click Here Neuropsychology , American Psychological Association.

Click Here International Recognition of Victims' Rights Av; M. Cherif Bassiouni Human Rights Law Review 2006 , 6(2):203-279.

Click Here Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime

Click Here Brain Structure and Function " "Medicine, Biomedicine, Neurosciences, Cell Biology and Neurology."

"For those of you out there that have not had the identified opportunity to be harmed by this human predator the best that the rest of us alive victims can do for you is to educate you about them. Our education and expectations of them was by way of the school of hard knocks. The good news for us prior prey is that we know one upon meet up. The bad news is that you don’t."
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Click Here Monsters or Victims? Modus Oporandi, June 2006.

Click Here Dutch study: dietary supplements cut prisoner infractions "Researchers in the Netherlands report that prisoners given nutritional supplements showed less aggressive behavior than those who did not take the supplements." Crime Times.

Click Here Neural foundations to moral reasoning and antisocial behavior Av; Adrian Raine and Yaling Yang, Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience 2006 1(3):203-213.

"The three most frequently cited crimes of elderly patients with ASPD are sexual offenses, fraud and assault." (2007)
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Click Here Saliva Clue To Chronic Bullying ScienceDaily (May 15, 2007)

Click Here A Working Brain Model A computer simulation could eventually allow neuroscience to be carried out in silico. Av; Duncan Graham-Rowe, Technology Review, November 28, 2007. Forskare i Schweiz arbetar i dag tillsammans med IBM för att på datorn få fram en modell av hjärnan som fungerar som sin biologiska motsvarighet.

Click Here Testing for Neuropsychological Endophenotypes in Siblings Discordant for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Av; Cinnamon Bidwell, Erik G. Willcutt, John C. DeFries and Bruce F. Pennington. Biological Psychiatry Volume 62, Issue 9, 1 November 2007, Pages 991-998. "Executive function, processing speed, and response variability deficits might be useful endophenotypes for genetic studies of ADHD."

Click Here Altered Chemical Metabolites in the Amygdala-Hippocampus Region Contribute to Autistic Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders Av; Taro Endo, Toshiki Shioiri, Hideaki Kitamura, Teruo Kimura, Sumio Endo, Naio Masuzawa and Toshiyuki Someya. Biological Psychiatry Volume 62, Issue 9, 1 November 2007, Pages 1030-1037. "The results of the present study suggest that subjects with ASD have abnormalities of neural integrity in the amygdala-hippocampus region that are related to their severity and social impairments."

"No soul, no love, but wild sadism, laughter at suffering, charming and diplomatic in public, the "teacher of morality" (he educates us all the time, moralizes) and adores himself."
Re: Children of psychopaths, James, 10/04/07.
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Click Here By Kathy Noll. "Mental and physical signs for parents to look for to find out if their child is being bullied include Cuts, bruises, torn clothing, headaches and/or stomach pains before it's time to go to school, or a reluctance to go to school, poor appetites, poor grades, decline/withdrawal from usual activities, anxiety, not many friends, always loses money, depression, fear, anger, and relates better to adults and teachers than children."

Click Here Journal of personality and social psychology " The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology publishes original papers in all areas of personality and social psychology "

Click Here The Young Rampage Killer Katherine Ramsland, Ph.D.

"Half the population are bullied ...
most people only realise it when they read this page
What is bullying, how to recognise bullying"

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Click Here Online Resource for Victims of Psychopaths and Narcissists. "If you have experienced an encounter with a psychopath or narcissist, a socialized or "compensated" psychopath or a violent sociopath, you have come to the right place." Friedgreentomatoes

Click Here Behavioral Neuroscience "The primary mission of Behavioral Neuroscience is to publish original research papers in the broad field of the biological bases of behavior."

Click Here NeuroImage ," A Journal of Brain Function, provides a vehicle for communicating important advances, using imaging and modelling techiniques to study structure-function relationships in the brain."

"The drive for dignity and respect at the workplace is high on the agenda in the UK and Europe and gaining momentum in places like the USA, Australia and South Africa."
Workplace Bullying - the devastating experience
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Click Here 'Super' scanner shows key detail, BBC News, 26 November 2007. "A new scanner has been unveiled which can produce 3D body images of unprecedented clarity while reducing radiation by as much as 80%."

Click Here A computer simulation could eventually allow neuroscience to be carried out in silico. (November 28, 2007) Forskare i Schweiz arbetar i dag tillsammans med IBM för att på datorn få fram en modell av hjärnan som fungerar som sin biologiska motsvarighet.

Click Here Megan Meier Police Reports

Click Here Why Portugal is a haven for paedophiles - the disturbing backcloth to the Madeleine case By ANDREW MALONE and VANESSA ALLEN, Daily Mail, 20th October 2007.

Click Here Beware the corporate psycho Av; Brian Amble, 20 Aug 2004.

Click Here Liars’ brains make fibbing come naturally By; Celeste Biever, New Scientist, September 2005.

"On the other hand, psychopaths sometimes verbalize remorse but then contradict themselves in words or actions. Criminals in prison quickly learn that remorse is an important word. When asked if he experienced remorse over a murder he'd committed, one young inmate told us, "Yeah, sure, I feel remorse." Pressed further, he said that he didn't "feel bad inside about it."
The profile: Feelings and Relationships By Dr. Robert Hare
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Click Here A Woman´s Voice International - "is a nonprofit human rights organization committed to defending the dignity of women worldwide."

Click Here The Aliens Among Us By; Bob Seitz, March 18, 2006.

Click Here Domestic violence monitoring initiative proposed by Rosenfeld is signed into law.

Click Here The Psychopath in the Corner Office, Softpanorama. *

Click Here Brain Scans Show Abnormalities In Psychopaths March 16, 2004.

What Can Neuroscience Teach the Legal System?
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Click Here Human Evil Has Many Faces. Many good and helpful links.

Click Here Relationship of Abuse History to Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders and Symptoms Av; Jane Leserman och Douglas A. Drossman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Trauma, Violence, & Abuse, Vol. 8, No. 3, 331-343 (2007) I denna artikel tittar man närmare på relationen mellan sexuell och fysisk misshandel och problem med mag-tarmkanalen.

Click Here Vicarious Traumatization Av; Heather M. Moulden och Philip Firestone, University of Ottawa. Trauma, Violence, & Abuse, Vol. 8, No. 1, 67-83 (2007) Man tar en närmre titt på de skador, t.ex. stress, som terapeuter utsätts för i sitt dagliga arbete.

Click Here Intimate Partner Homicide: Review and Implications of Research and Policy Av; Jacquelyn C. Campbell, Nancy Glass, Phyllis W. Sharps, Kathryn Laughon och Tina Bloom Trauma, Violence, & Abuse, Vol. 8, No. 3, 246-269 (2007) Det är enligt denna studie 4-5 gåner vanligare att kvinnor dödas i en relation än män. En graviditet kan i våldsamma relationen vara anledningen till att kvinnan dödas.

"Eight Ways to Spot Emotional Manipulation"
Click Here

Click Here Homicides and Intimate Partner Violence: A Literature Review Av; Lorena Garcia, Catalina Soria, and Eric L. Hurwitz Trauma, Violence, & Abuse, Vol. 8, No. 4, 370-383 (2007) Relationen mellan mord och våldsamma par förhållanden

Click Here Trauma, Violence, & Abuse (also see below!) Archive of All Online Issues: Jan 2000 - Oct 2007 Here

Click Here Violence in the Family Therapist’s Workplace: Preventive Measures Av; Gary L. Arthur och J. LeBron McBride "The authors also describe basic preventive, assessment, management, and coping measures for working with violent clients."

"Pathological Liars Are Different
Liars had significantly more prefrontal white matter than either healthy controls or nonliars with symptoms of antisocial personality disorder."
Klicka Här

Click Here Are NPD and Psychopathy the Same? Av; Kathleen Krajco, site last updated on 11/20/2007.

Click Here Europeans Report Work Factors That Impact Their Mental Health Av; Joan Arehart-Treichel, Psychiatric News, October 19, 2007, Volume 42, Number 20, page 20.

Click Here Psychiatrist Gives Practical Advice for Avoiding Violence by Patients Av; Aaron Levin, Psychiatric News, November 16, 2007, Volume 42, Number 22, page 6.

Click Here Lead in Children's Blood May Contribute to ADHD's Hyperactivity Component Av; Joan Arehart-Treichel, Psychiatric News, November 2, 2007, Volume 42, Number 21, page 20.

"In the end, evil is a matter of choice."
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Click Here Antisocial personality disorder in older adults. A qualitative study of Dutch forensic psychiatrists and forensic psychologists. Av; S. P. J. van Alphen, P- E. P. Nijhuis och T. I. Oei. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, (2007) "The three most frequently cited crimes of elderly patients with ASPD are sexual offense (81.2%), fraud (58.0%) and assault (49.3%)."

Click Here What Can Neuroscience Teach the Legal System? Av; Joan Arehart-Treichel, Psychiatric News. November 2, 2007. Volume 42, Number 21, page 11. "On October 9, American neuroscientists and legal experts came together in the Daniel Patrick Moynihan United States Court House in New York City to launch the Law and Neuroscience Project."*

Click Here The Law & Neuroscience Project "Neuroscience is a field of biological research that is growing rapidly. Recent discoveries about the human brain are already beginning to influence our legal system, and these applications are bound to increase in coming decades."*

Click Here What "Psychopath" Means By; By Scott O. Lilienfeld and Hal Arkowitz, Scientific American Mind - December, 2007.*

"What 'Psychopath' Means"
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Click Here Rules of Verbal Self Defense against Corporate Psychopaths, Softpanorama

Click Here Bullied by the click of a mouse Av; Alanna Mitchell, The Globe and Mail Saturday, Jan. 24, 2004

Click Here Face it: You're a bully not a friend Av; Shannon McKinnon, The Globe and Mail, November 8, 2007.

IN NEED OF HELP? Click Here The National Domestic Violence Hotline (U.S.A.) "Break the silence, Make the call." Also, en Español

Click Here Cyber bullying bedevils Japan Av; Yoko Kubota, Reuters, November 12, 2007. "“In terms of technology, e-mail filtering systems are effective,” said Motohiro Hasegawa, associate professor of Department of Information and Culture at Kinjo Gakuin University.“But in the end, the problem is not about technology — it is about humans."

Click Here What Can Neuroscience Teach the Legal System? Av; Joan Arehart-Treichel, Psychiatric News. November 2, 2007. Volume 42, Number 21, page 11. "On October 9, American neuroscientists and legal experts came together in the Daniel Patrick Moynihan United States Court House in New York City to launch the Law and Neuroscience Project."

"The Law & Neuroscience Project"
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Click Here, "leading educational self-help resource site for managers & victims of abuse in the workplace."

Click Here Online Resource for Victims of Psychopaths and Narcissists. The articles linked on this section of the website range from the dry academic to news, to the literary to the political. Friedgreentomatoes

Click Here Brain Research "publishes papers reporting interdisciplinary investigations of nervous system structure, function and chemistry at all levels of resolution, from molecular to behavioral and social that are of general interest to the broad community of neuroscientists."

Click Here Gene Variant Increases Risk for Alcoholism Following Childhood Abuse Av; NIH NEWS - National Institute of Health, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. June 26, 2007.

"The bad man desires arbitrary power. What moves the evil man is the love of injustice.”
John Rawls

Click Here "The Science Of Insanity Defense expert Dr. Thomas Sachy explains the science behind the argument that a brain defect led Stephen Stanko to become violent."

Click Here Sociopathy and Spanking Av, James Talbot - Se nedan för hemsida;
Click Here Project NoSpank "A resource for parents, students, educators, education policymakers, healthcare providers, children's advocates, and all others who are concerned with the safety and wellbeing of children."

Click Here Do you have Psychopath in YOUR Business? By Philip Lye, 10th November 2007. "The incidences of psychopathic behaviour in Australia and around the world have substantially increased in the last 10 years.

Click Here Overlooked But Critical: Traumatic Brain Injury as a Consequence of Interpersonal Violence Av; Martha E. Banks Trauma, Violence & Abuse 2007 Vol. 8, No. 3, 290-298. När det gäller våld mot kvinnor så ser man oftast bara de yttre skadorna och mer eller mindre ignorerar de hjärnskador som kan ha uppstått av våldet mot huvudet.

"Millions of men, women and children are impacted daily by the sociopaths in their lives. Sociopaths can cause great pain, anxiety, terror and humiliation. They can make a good impression when needed and often portray their victims as the culprits."
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Click Here Acute Injury Patterns of Intimate Partner Violence Victims Av; Daniel J. Sheridan och Katherine R. Nash, Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing Trauma, Violence, & Abuse, Vol. 8, No. 3, 281-289 (2007) I denna artikel så anser man att man borde, när det gäller våld mot kvinnor, göra en slags Checklista att gå igenom gällande den här typen av våld t.ex. hjärnskador p.g.a. slag, nack skador p.g.a. stryptag mm.

Click Here Mothers' Little Criminals By; Melinda Wenner, Scientific American Mind - June, 2007.

Click Here Psycho bosses on the loose - Are you in their line of fire? By; Hilary Freeman, Guardian, March 10, 2001.

Click Here Workplace Bullying (Australia)

Click Here Behavior Patterns and Personality Characteristics Associated with Espionage. " There is no single profile of the employee who is likely to betray an employer's trust. However, clinical assessment of Americans arrested for espionage 1 and academic research findings on white-collar criminals in general 2 do identify a number of behavior patterns and personality characteristics that are commonly found among such persons. "

"Few people realise that bullying can cause children (and adults) to attempt and commit suicide."
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Click Here Online Resource for Victims of Psychopaths and Narcissists. "If you have experienced an encounter with a psychopath or narcissist, a socialized or "compensated" psychopath or a violent sociopath, you have come to the right place."

Click Here Can There Be A Psychopaths At Your Workplace? Av; William Z. Piker 12/1/2007.

Click Here Breaking News on the Brain Tasty tidbits from the biggest neuroscience conference on earth. Av; Emily Singer, Technology Review, November 09, 2007.

Click Here Human Evil Has Many Faces Many good and helpful links.

Click Here Violent Shaking Pulps The Infant Brain, Forensic Researchers Find. ScienceDaily (Jan. 8, 2008) "Each year in the United States, one thousand infants die after being shaken. An equal number of cases result in brain damage."

He/She looks like the real thing - Watch Out!, The psychopath is good at feign real emotions.
Click Here to learn more before you get hurt

Click Here Brain Circuitry, Alight Neurons in 100 hues spotlight disease, development. Av; Emily Singer, Technology Review, January/February 2008.

Click Here Understanding The Role Of Stress In Just About Everything. ScienceDaily (Jan. 8, 2008) "Stress, to put it bluntly, is bad for you. It can kill you, in fact. A study now reveals that stress causes deterioration in everything from your gums to your heart and can make you more susceptible to everything from the common cold to cancer."

Click Here Recurrent Genetic Deletion Linked To Autism, Study Shows. ScienceDaily (Jan. 10, 2008) "Loss of a small portion of chromosome 16, known as 16p11.2, is significantly associated with autism report researchers."

Click Here Internet Safety For Abuse Victims, January 21, 2008.

"Beware of a Man With a Nickname"
(and - beware of a woman with a nickname, as well!)
Click Here

Click Here Millions abused during boozy Christmas hols: study. ASC News, Feb 5, 2008.Click Here Workplace stress takes its toll. One News, Jun 16, 2006. "Some people commit suicide because they are bullied, some people suffer post traumatic stress, depression, anxiety disorders, some people don't recover from it for years and years later."

Click Here The Complete Lawyer, Volume 4 Number 1 - "Focus on; No Bullying Allowed!!

Click Here ADHD and Implications for the Criminal Justice System By; Sam Goldstein, Ph.D. Mental Health Matters

Click Here Third of U.S directors think CEO pay is too high By; Nic Paton, Management-Issues, 11 Feb 2008.

Click Here is an employment rights legal center in Australia.

"People are not bullied because they are weak. Rather, bullying reflects the inner weakness of the perpetrators, and their inability to resist their own ugliest impulses. As Mahatma Gandhi pointed out, violence is ultimately born of cowardice."
Daisaku Ikeda - Article; Click Here

Click Here Lie, Steal and Murder By; Edward Ulysses Cate.

Click Here What Were Psychopaths Like As Children? 04 March, 2008.

Click Here The Ban Bullying at Work campaign is spearheaded by The Andrea Adams Trust - the first charity in the UK dedicated to preventing workplace bullying.

Click Here Workplace Bullying Worse Than Sexual Harassment: Researchers By; Staff, March 11, 2008.

Click Here Neighbours From Hell in Britain (NFHiB) "Neighbours From Hell in Britain (NFHiB) was created in early 2002, due to the site creator's personal experiences with repeatedly anti-social, noisy, inconsiderate and rude neighbours."

"Psychopaths are not disoriented or out of touch with reality nor do they experience the delusions, hallucinations or intense subjective distress that characterize most other mental disorder."
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Click Here Australian Article from 1999, "First published in DVIRC Newsletter, Summer 1999, pp. 3-8. Melbourne: Domestic Violence and Incest Resource Centre."

Click Here A head for trouble. From The Sunday Times, July 9, 2006. "We like to think it’s our choice to help an old lady across the road or push her into the traffic. But an increasing number of scientists say we’re fooling ourselves. Are some of us just hard-wired to be bad? John Cornwell reports"

Click Here Tactics against bullying at work. Professor Brian Martin´s site about bullying. (Australia)

"Any profession which needs a written code of ethics is an inherently unethical profession."
Robert Canup
Click Here

Click Here Brain reader triggers call for neuroethics By; Tom Heneghan, News Analysis, Reuters, Thursday, 15 February 2007.

Click Here Your Brain And You: Penn Researcher Forecasts Ethical Challenges Ahead For Neuroscience And Society, ScienceDaily (Dec. 23, 2004)

Click Here Take This Job and...: Quitting and Other Forms of Resistance to Workplace Bullying By; Pamela Lutgen-Sandvik.

"At the behavioral level, sadistic individuals have poor behavioral controls - they are irritable and flare up easily in response to minor frustrations. Sadistic individuals use a wide range of behaviors, from the hostile galnce to severe physical punishment, in order to exercise control."
Violence and Psychopathy (p. 126). By Adrien Raine and Jose Sanmartin.

Click Here Beyond the Toxicant By; Dr. Elizabeth Lambert Johns. from VCCA Journal, Volume 10, Number 2, Summer 1996, 6-10. Older article but it could have been written yesterday.

Click Here Work Issues - Bullying, The Anti-Bullying Centre, Trinity College Dublin.

Click Here Antisocial Personality Disorder. Psychology Today, Last Reviewed: 22 Feb 2008.

Click Here Pedophilia Patients Are Found To Have Deficits In Brain Activation , Medical News Today , 22 Sep 2007.

Click Here The Antisiocial Brain & Violence - Atypical Frontal Lobes of Violent APD Offenders By; Tami Port,, Oct 11, 2007.

Click Here MRIs link pedophilia to problems in brain development., November 28, 2007.
Study see; Cerebral white matter deficiencies in pedophilic men. Journal of Psychiatric Research, Volume 42, Issue 3, February 2008, Pages 167-183.

"There's faulty wiring going on in psychopaths. They're wired differently than other people,"
Adrian Raine
Click Here

Click Here "Psychopaths have a superficial charm about them, enabled by a willingness to say anything without concern for accuracy or truth. This extends into their pathological lying and willingness to con and manipulate others for personal gain or amusement."

Click Here Le harcèlement moral au travail (In French !)

Click Here The Effect of an Education Program on Attitudes and Beliefs about Bullying and Bullying Behaviour in Junior Secondary School Students By; Caroline Hunt.

" The PsychoPath "
Click Here

Click Here V-Day is a global movement to stop violence against women and girls. V-Day is a catalyst that promotes creative events to increase awareness, raise money and revitalize the spirit of existing anti-violence organizations.

Click Here The Sexual Sadist By; Katherine Ramsland, "In virtually all cases of sexual sadism, including sexual homicide" Meloy says, 'rehearsal fantasy is a prerequisite'."

Click Here 'Ruthlessness gene' discovered By; Michael Hopkin, Nature, Published online 4 April 2008. About, AVPR1a. Please read the comments as well.

“They are absolutely the world’s best manipulators, liars, and fabricators of truth. They do so convincingly because they believe their own lies. After all their life is nothing but a lie, a sham, how can we possibly assume they know anything different.”
Click Here

Click Here Can viewing media violence change how the brain works? Crime Times, Volume 14, No. 2, 2008.

Click Here Major medical group supports additive-free diet for ADHD. Crime Times, Volume 14, No. 2, 2008.

Click Here Barbara Coloroso's site, Kids are worth it.

Click Here Beware the Psychopath, My Son By Clinton Callahan / May 12th, 2008. * * * * *

Click Here
Slaying Suspect's Wife Warned of Risk to Children- Md. Courts Found Insufficient Threat. By Raymond McCaffrey, Dan Morse and Daniel de Vise, Washington Post, April 1, 2008. (A most horrendous story that could have been preventet! It is time to start testing!)
Click Here Homepage; In Loving Memory Of...

Click Here Darkness Explored By Deborah Slater.

Click Here Hearts & Minds By; By Jonah Lehrer, The Boston Globe, April 29, 2007. "Since Plato, scholars have drawn a clear distinction between thinking and feeling. Now science suggests that our emotions are what make thought possible."

Click Here Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work - book review. By; Ross L. Johnson.

Click Here

Click Here The Science Behind Making Moral Decisions By Allan Coukell. Listen Now (5 min 40 sec)

Click Here The Sociopathic Style™. "The Sociopathic Style™ is an ongoing educational and research project created by Marion Trent and John McCormick."

Click Here Beware the [Political] Psychopath, My Son By Clinton Callahan. 12 May 2008. or Click Here

Click Here Psychological Harassment Information Association (PHIA) "Psychological Harassment is not a new phenomenon but it is one that is on the rise. It’s a serious phenomenon that has serious consequences for the victims and our society."

Click Here How to recognize a narcissist :Never love anything that can't love you back. "it has often seemed to me that they have neurological problems that affect their cognitive functioning." (Today we know they do. Older article but very interesting and insightful.) By; Joanna M. Ashmun.(1998)

Left Brain v Right Brain Test
Just for the fun of it. (although it has been circulating for a while, some of you might not have come across it yet)
Click Here

Click Here Psychological harassment at work

Click Here Generic Corporate Psychopath Traits Enumeration By; Dr. Nikolai Bezroukov.

Click Here Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work By Ross L. Johnson, Security Management, June 2007. (Book Review)

Click Here Into a psychopath mind. "The hallmark of the psychopath is the inability to recognize others as worthy of compassion. Victims are dehumanized, flattened into worthless objects into his mind."

"Abusers choose to abuse, molesters choose to molest, rapists choose to rape, harassers choose to harass, bullies choose to bully."
Click Here

"Psychopathic patients are prone to feelings of envy toward the goodness in others and will aggress against this perceived goodness to ward off such unpleasant feelings."

Click Here The Really Bad Boys: A psychologist’s guide to crooks, creeps and con artists By; Mary Kennedy.

Click Here What We Need To Know About Psychopaths. By; Bonnie M. Wells.

Click Here Malignant Leadership By Aubrey Immelman, September 17, 2001.

Click Here Psychopaths in power: Don't humans already make enough Mistakes? Jun 29, 2008.

Click Here Domestic Violence is a Serious, Widespread Social Problem in America: The Facts. By the; Violence Prevention Fund

Click Here Judge Rules Internet Hoaxer Mom Can Use Web Again (Disturbing news)

Click Here For Those Who Want To Know

Click Here Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

Click Here Lies Abusers Tell Their Victims.

Click Here The Government As Psychopath

Click Here Study shows politicians share personality traits with psychopaths. Also Here

Click Here CORPORATE PSYCHOPATHY (Psychopathy is a genetic disorder, Here , Here and Here For more info., visit Research, scroll past the text in swedish)

Click Here Into the mind of a killer (Article from 2001 but still of interest) pdf.

Click Here NSA Plans Massive Data Center in Utah July 5th, 2009 (Trying to catch a criminal is one thing but to spy on the entire population is quite another, psychopaths are known to "snoop", in hope to get some information which can be used against or to manipulate someone in order to undermine and destroy someone.)

"Most never push the envelope of risk-taking to the point of violent crime. Instead they drive lovers, children, employees, schoolmates all the way to suicide through mental cruelty calculated to deliver sadistic emotional and psychological abuse."
Kathy Krajco, murder by suicide Click Here

Click Here Collateral Damage. "According to Jane Mayer, the United States has succeeded in creating an American gulag. Reviewed by Andrew J. Bacevich, The Washington Post, July 13, 2008." Book; THE DARK SIDE The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned into a War on American Ideals.

Click Here Leaders With No Conscience By Rand Clifford, 10/06/08.

Click Here ACLU Sues Over Unconstitutional Dragnet Wiretapping Law (7/10/2008) "Spying on Americans without warrants or judicial approval is an abuse of government power - and that's exactly what this law allows." (The FISA Amendments Act of 2008)

Click Here Neil Entwistle: Psychopath By; Harrison Koehli, July 2, 2008.

Click Here End Violent Encounters, EVE Inc. (Lansing, MI) To provide shelter and supportive services for the victims of domestic violence through public awareness and community education.

Click Here Gonzales v. United States of America.

Click Here "Children who live in the contest of domestic violence are at heightened risk for child abuse. At least half of all abusers also batter their children."

Click Here Psychological distress, major depressive disorder, and risk of stroke. By; P. G. Surtees, PhD, N.W.J. Wainwright, PhD, R. N. Luben, BSc, N. J. Wareham, MBBS, PhD, S. A. Bingham, PhD and K.-T Khaw, MBBChir. NEUROLOGY, 2008;70:788-794."Findings from this large prospective cohort study suggest that increased psychological distress is associated with elevated stroke risk. Episodic major depressive disorder was not associated with incident stroke in this study." More evidence that bullying/psychologival abuse is deadly. See PTSD

"Just because narcissists seldom get arrested doesn't mean they are harmless."
Click Here

Click Here Investigating the Psychopathic Mind. Science, 5 September 2008: Vol. 321. no. 5894, pp. 1284 - 1286. "With a mobile brain scanner and permission to work with inmates in New Mexico state prisons, Kent Kiehl hopes to understand what goes awry in the brains of psychopathic criminals."

Click Here Protective Order Violations - Always watching you. . . By; Barbarany (Oct-20-08)

Click Here Stalking A Crime Called Criminal Harassment (2008-03-28) Department of Justice, Canada. For more links on stalking, Click Here and scroll down to "links in English", about half way down the page.

Click Here Morality and psychopathy Cognitive Neuroscience 2008 Essay by; Anu Pasanen & Ana Lee. (pdf.)

Click Here Flaws in brain ‘explain paedophilia’ By; Mark Henderson, The Times (UK) For more info. see research 2007 and 2008 (Go back to top of page) but also, Click Here

Click Here The Mask of a Sociopath, Lovefraud Nov. 29, 2008.

Click Here How a deficits disorder can cause so much grief and pain. By; Steve Becker, 20 November 2008.

Click Here Spotting a sociopath. By Mark Easton, BBC News, 26 Nov 08.

Click Here Legal Scholar on Bush: `A Nut Job In The Oval Office` By Sherwood Ross.

Click Here How to Run a Con By Paul J. Zak on November 13, 2008 in The Moral Molecule, Psychology Today

Click Here Bases brace for surge in stress-related disorders By Lolita C. Baldor, Associated Press, November 29, 2008. Also see, Post Traumatic Stress - most links in English, found toward the bottom of the page Click Here

Click Here 'Women are seen as nurturers -- never killers' By Medb Ruane, November 8, 2008.

Click Here Narcissistic Personality Disorder - Recognizing the Problem. By; Dr. Ludger Hofmann-Engl

Click Here Selective Amnesia "When your abuser claims to have no idea what he did wrong, HE IS LYING."

Click Here Eight Easy Ways to Spot an Emotional Manipulator By; Fiona McColl (Warning - language!)

Click Here Dissociation, Hidden Hurt -Domestic Abuse Information (UK-based)

Click Here Brain Abnormalities That May Play Key Role In ADHD Revealed By Novel Imaging Technique (18 Nov 2008)

Click Here Off the subject but of interest; Modern Medicine Restores Legendary Banjo Player, Eddie Adcock

Click Here Mothers' mental games increase depressive symptoms in daughters. (Nov. 24, 2008)

Click Here Neuroscientists isolate gene essential to early brain development

Click Here Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity victim of alleged swindle by Bernie Madoff (December 20, 2008)

Click Here Wiring' in the brain influences personality "The stronger the connection between frontal lobe and ventral striatum, the more distinctive the desire for recognition by that person’s environment," Weber says. "That is not quite unexpected. For example, it is known that people with defects of the frontal lobe violate social norms more frequently."

Click Here Workplace bullying - a matter of life or death (VIDEO)

Click Here Narcissistic personality disorder Articles; You Didn't Mean It? ; Vandalizing the Images of Others ; What Will The Future Bring Under Obama? ; Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Disdain for Reality.

Click Here Neurologist recounts the time he was conned (#19 posted by Anonymous more or less, sums it all up)

Click Here Psychopaths' deception skills may lead to early release. The British Psychological Society, 19th January 2009.

Click Here Psychologists shed light on origins of morality. February 26th, 2009 in Medicine & Health.

Click Here Monkeys have a sense of morality, say scientists (February 15, 2009)

Click Here Failure of Morality, Not Capitalism " How do we get back to the old Adam Smith/Benjamin Franklin idea of free enterprise based on a moral foundation? It won't be easy, but I think we need to start with these:
-Lock the scoundrels in jail, and throw away the keys."

Click Here Brain scan replaces job interview in 5 years. (Feb 23, 2009)

Clicka Here Elie Wiesel: 'Psychopath Is Too Nice a Word' for Bernie Madoff (Feb. 27, 2009)

Click Here The predator's gaze: scientists explore the frightening world of psychopaths. (2006) (Older articlel)

Click Here Knowing the psychopath next door. By Rosie Dimanno. Tragic murder of a teenager by a teenager.

Click Here Spotting your everyday psychopaths By; Todd McPherson, The Brunei Times, March 17, 2009.

Click Here 'He Thought a Baby Would Keep Me in His Life Forever': When Partner Abuse Isn't a Bruise But a Pregnant Belly. AlterNet, June 26, 2009. "Intimate partner violence doesn't always show up in police photos as swollen bruises. Instead, the evidence might be the victim's pregnant belly."

Click Here Judge's Decision in Cyber-Bullying Case Sends Shockwaves (July 04, 2009) Why was this woman not ordered to go through a psychiatric evaluation???

Click Here The Dirty Dozen-Characteristics of a Psychopath, Sanctuary for the abused

Click Here Fantasy - and its Effect on Reality (Jan., 2009) Sanctuary for the abused

Click Here Warning Signs of an Abusive Personality (April 19, 2009) Sanctuary for the abused

Click Here Mob bullying in the NHS (18 June, 2009)

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Click Here Psychopaths have faulty brain connections, scientists find (07 August 2009)

Click Here Psychopaths' Brains Wired to Seek Rewards, No Matter the Consequences, Science Daily (Mar. 15, 2010)

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More links in English are found towards the end of just about every page. Some of the topics include; abused women, abused men, child abuse, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), children with disorders, a page dedicated to grown up children who have grown up with a parent/caretaker with an antisocial personality disorder, projection, latest research, see; Forskning and recommended reading se; Books - For Anti-Abuse Blogs, scroll down.

"Indeed, many narcissists find it safer and more fulfilling to murder by driving the victim to suicide. That's absolute power. Much grander than just plain, old-fashioned murder."
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"Every evil the psychopath does,
he manages to pin on the victim instead."

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"We are a long way from knowing how to treat psychopathy."
Dr. Nicola Gray, Cardiff University's School of Psychology.
Inside the Psychopath Mind
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"Perhaps if Corporations had to pay restitution to the victims we might see some positive changes made."
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“Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolutions”
Kahlil Gibran

Vi är inte längre ett grottfolk och därför behöver vi bli vänligare, artigare, mer tillmötesgående och civiliserade säger David L.Weiner.

In 2003 David L.Weiner sponsored an internationel symposium about psychopathy which resulted in the launching of the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy. He is also involved in the, Health Emotions Research Institute where they, among other things, conduct studies between illness, emotions and health and how they might interact. Click Here His latest book is named, Reality Check: What Your Mind Knows, but isn't Telling You. For more information see; Here and, How to train your brain, by David Weiner Click Here

"Serenity exists in a life filled with empathy."
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Serial killer or a serial bully, same thing, the only difference, is in the way they kill.
To psychologically harass someone to death is the same thing as committing murder. Individuals who "bully", psychologically harass someone else, adult or child, usually have an antisocial personality disorder, for. ex. has a cunduct disorder (if a child) or is a psychopath/sociopath. These individuals are sadists and thus enjoy hurting/killing others. They are very dangerous as they have no conscience and can not empathize with others. If we want to stop this type of abuse we have to go to the root of the problem, identify and deal with these individuals. Those who do not act to stop this type of violence are just as guilty as those who do the killing.

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A person spreading vicious lies/rumors behind someone else's back will most likely also spread vicious rumours about you, behind your back.

find out the facts before you believe a rumor and decide to share the information.
It might not be true
next time it could happen to you!

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Stop the violence by speaking up!

Violence caused by individuals with some type of antisocial personality disorder like, for.ex. psychopathy/sociopathy, can be found all over the world and adults (men and women) as well as children can be targeted, at home, at work, at school or any other place for that matter. By understanding of what is at the root of this "problem" and by working together we can make a difference and we can put an end to this violence.
Let's start today!

Some Anti-Abuse Blogs, Forums and helplines

"Sometimes it is hard not to grow cynical about the world when so much evil surrounds us. But for every evil act, there are many good acts of kind hearted people to help restore faith in humanity."

Victims of psychopaths Here
Victims of psychopaths - Blog Here

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NEW! Aftermath: Surviving Psychopathy NEW!

Forum cover following topics;
General Discussions, Romantic Relationships, Family Relationships, Parenting Children At Risk, Business Relationships, Telling Our Stories, Assessments and Coping Techniques & Strategies.
"This Forum is operated by the Aftermath group, which is a joint collaboration between victims and researchers."
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Beware the sociopath
No heart, no conscience, no remorse

Articles, clickable links & resources for help on verbal, psychological & emotional abuse and personality disorders.
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What Makes Narcissists Tick
Unfortunately, Kathy is not with us anymore and her homepage Here was taken down,, however the following blog is still avvailable, Click Here

Stop Abuse For Everyone (Forum)
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Beware of the Psychopaths
"Dedicated to uncovering the truth of the reality we live in. Unveiling the matrix and hammering away at objective reality"
Click HereThe Psychopathic Boss Click Here

Aftermath: Surviving Psychopathy
"Aftermath, Dr. Hare's site dedicated to helping those who have fallen victim to a psychopath.
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Discussion Forum
Psychopath in your life - Parents - Children
Psychopath in the Family - Parents - Children
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The psychology of bullying
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Bullycide Moms Speak Out
A resource for parents, grandparents, families and friends impacted by young people being bullied, youth suicide and those who are at risk of being bullied and at risk of youth suicide.
Click Here

MENSTUFF - The National Men's Resource
"Emergency Resources - Crisis, Suicide, Runaway here"
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"AMEN is a voluntary group, founded by Mary Cleary in December 1997, which provides a confidential helpline, a support service and information for male victims of domestic abuse." (Ireland)

The Male Affirmative Resource Network
Also see;

A learning, resource and discussion group for those whose parents were narcissists or psychopaths. Forum
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Children of Narcisstic Moms
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In Memoriam

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Recommended reading - "Bullycide - Death at playtime" (U.K)
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"Bullies" will never take any responsibility for their actions, some are even aware of the fact that we now know who they are and why they "bully", this is why they are now blaming the victim AGAIN by claiming that "victim" is the real "bully" who is out to get revenge. Take notice of how the psychopath puts a spin on things and don't be fooled!


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